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1-How to join and play 2-Ranking 3-Your account

How to join and play in the Open Intermediate League

Please remember that NNN Clan and the Open Intermediate League are different things, being a player of the league does not mean you are a member of NNN Clan.
Also this league was designed and built by NNN members to give us a peaceful place to play games with other Intermediate players. If you can't behave properly (or need a definition of what is to behave properly) please just leave. A friendly atmosphere is more important than having more players.

1.1- Joining the league

a) Create an account in our forum and make a new topic in the newcomers section: input your nickname as a topic subject and fill a standard form " Newcomers Formular!!! 10 easy&quick questions " (a link to the form). Feel free to add any extra personal information you would like others to know. After making that post, you will have to wait until a league administrator creates your account in the league page ( and sends you the account information.
Note: if you are asked for the ZIP code during the registration you can enter any number.

b) Read the league rules

c) Download the league scheme

d) Get someone to play with.
Finding someone to play with will not be too easy if you just run the game and connect to wormnet, because not everybody is connected at the same time or maybe they are connected but you cannot see them (and they can't see you) because they are playing a game. This is why you should use MSN and/or a Snooper ( ) to help you arranging games.
Also, you can use "OIL"/"ONL" (Open Intermediate/Normal League) tag at the end of your nickname when you join wormnet to indicate that at the moment you would like to play a league game. With everybody doing this it will be very easy to check if there is someone online who you could play with.

1.2- Validating a game

Right after the match is finished the winner must log in ("log in" link on and report the game including attaching replay of every played round. The loser must log in and confirm the loss in case he turned "automatic validation" option off. (The loser doesn’t need to confirm the loss in case this option is turned on). You can choose to manually confirm the games that were reported against you by turning off the "automatically validate my games" option from your profile. Just keep in mind that if you turn this option off you are supposed to be responsible for confirming your games immediately after you play them. You can't play the same wormer more than once within 24 hours.

1.3- League rules

a) Game settings
Games can be played at one victory (one round), two victories (same as best of 3) or 3 victories (same as best of 5). The standard number of victories is 2, and it can not be changed unless both players agree. Remember that all league games have to be played in #Anything Goes or #Ropers Heaven, because only in these channels rope and bungee knocking is possible.

b) League scheme
League-Intermediate is the scheme you have to use for the league. It is very much like the standard Intermediate scheme that comes with the game, but it has some small differences: Jetpack delay is 0, Cluster grenade power is 2, Mortar power is 2, Crate per turn probability is 0 (no crates will appear during the game) and Dud mines are off (all mines explode 3 seconds after the activation).

c) Map choice
The terrain must be one randomly generated by the in-game editor. Select terrains that offer good hides and minimize the number of easy kills and big piles during the first turns of the round. Keep in mind that the flexibility of players is highly appreciated in this scheme, therefore it's suggested not to always select the same kind of terrain (sometimes choose a complex one, sometimes choose a simple one) and the layout (fruits, medieval, beach, etc.) must be random.
The following, is just a suggestion but, becomes an obligation if both players are not in agreement with the subject: Regarding the type of terrain to select in successive rounds, you should choose cave in case best of 1 game, island-island-cave-cave-(…) in case best of 3 game and cave-cave-island-island-(…) in case best of 5 game. The main idea is to play more or less the same number of caves as islands, because in this way skills of the players will be tested under a good variety of different terrains. Also in this way both wormers will get more or less the same amount of starting turns on an island and the final round (after 1-1, 2-2 results) will be played (except situations when you got draws in some rounds) on a cave to minimize "the first to move" advantage.

d) Play fair and respect your opponent
Respect the first-turn-order, don't choose terrains trying to maximize the positive effect of you starting a round or to reduce the positive effect of the other wormer starting a round. Don't quit the game after each round, because besides being annoying it is suspicious. Also you shouldn't change your team, worms name, worms order and/or special weapon between rounds, it is just lame. Using graves that are too similar to mines or oil drums is not something nice to do either.
You should respect your opponent. Bad behaviors and insults to an opponent during or at the end of a league game are not tolerated. If you feel offended, you should report what happened to forum with attachment of the game replay and/or the chat log, to further analyzing.

e) Forbidden bugs (Remember that rope/bungee knocking is allowed)

(Bugs that were fixed in W:A updates up to 3.6.29 are also forbidden)

f) Allowed bugs and tricks
Here is a list of allowed bugs and tricks that sometimes are considered bugs that are allowed because they either do not really affect the gameplay or it gets too hard to determine whether they were used intentionally:

g) Disconnections and incomplete games

There are some typical situations which may happen during the game regarding interrupting of a round:

h) Cheats and external programs and banning fake/multiple accounts is forbidden and results in ban. If you want to rename yourself, talk to an admin

The Open Intermediate League ranking

2.1- Activity

The Activity column in the ranking page counts the number of games (not rounds) played during the last 20 days, and when this counter comes down to 0 the name of the player will turn red. After 60 days of not playing any league games the player will be removed from the ranking, although the games he played will still be stored in the database and the player along with all the games he played can be put back into the ranking if requested.

2.2- Streak

In the Streak column what is shown is the last number of consecutive games (not rounds) won or lost. A green arrow followed by a number 5 means that the player has won the last 5 games he played, while a red arrow followed by a number 5 means that the player has lost the last 5 games he played. If you have a streak of lost games, as soon as you win one game your streak will turn into +1; in the same way, if you have a positive streak, as soon as you lose one game your streak will turn into -1.

2.3- Points

In this league the points each player has is in fact the addition of the expected winning ratios against each player in the league pondered by the points they have. Therefore an expected winning ratio of 25% against a player with 1000 points will reward you with half the points of an expected winning ratio of 50% against another player with 1000 points, also an expected winning ratio of 50% against a player with 1000 points will reward you with half the points of an expected winning ratio of 50% against a player with 2000 points.
The expected winning ratio is the proportion of rounds you are expected to win against a certain player if you play a lot of games against him, so it is affected by the proportion of rounds you've already won, by how many rounds you've played against him and also by your expected winning ratios against the people he played. So what matters is the total number of rounds you've played against someone and how many of those you won, not the individual results. If you've lost 12 rounds in a row against a particular player and then you win 2-1, you wont get many points because the real result in that particular season only goes from 0-12 to 2-13.
Besides that, the points you get from a certain player will change as the points of that player changes without having to play him again. For example if you play and win against someone who has just started the league and has very few points you will earn very few points too, but if as the time goes by that players climbs in the ranking earning more and more points, you will also get more and more points for your games against him without having to play him again. Therefore it does not matter if you win 10-0 against someone at the beginning of a season, at the end of a season or you gradually got to 10-0 during the whole season, the result that matters is that at the end of the season you have a 10-0 score against that player regardless of when you played those games.
To sum it up, what this ranking system does is use pondered expected winning rations to measure the performance of the players during a defined period of time, so that a player will not get any advantage simply for having played most of his games during a specific part of the period being analyzed.

2.4- Ranking guidelines
2.5- Seasons

a) Overview
This league has two different ways of analyzing the games played and generates two different rankings: a season ranking that is in fact just a short term ranking where the games stop being valid once they are 90 days old, and a long term ranking (overall) where the games will not stop being valid until they are one year old.
Each season lasts 3 months and at the end the players with the best performances will be awarded with medals that will be shown in their league profile. Also the top 8 players of that season will enter a knockout stage, so that there are two possible winners of a season: the one who ends at the top of the ranking and the one who wins the knockout stage. You can see the results of previous seasons at the History section of our page.

b) Season ranking
When a season ends, the ranking you see for it is the result of the analysis of all the games played during that season and only during that season; it doesn't matter exactly when you played them as long as they were played during the season.
The scores are not reset at the end of one season (or the beginning of the next one), instead the games played are deleted from the season only after they are 90 days old. This means that, during season 2, the games played during season 1 will be gradually deleted until at the end of season 2 there will be no games from season 1 left. Of course that the points earned during season 1 will not affect in any ways the final ranking of the season 2, because of what was said in the last point of Ranking guidelines and the fact that by the end of season 2 all the games played during season one will have already been erased.

c) Play-offs
The Play-offs of each season is a Cup with a knock-out system where the 8 players selected will play a best of 5 (3 victories) game against the indicated opponents and the loosers will be out of the Cup until the number of players is reduced to 2. Those two finalists will play a best of 7 (4 victories) to define the only winner (no silver or bronze medals will be awarded).
If one of the top 8 players does not take part in this cup his place will be taken by the player right below him in the ranking, moving up one place all the players below the one who doesn't take part in the Cup. Who will have to play whom depends on their places in the ranking, as indicated by this tree:

2.6- Overall ranking

This is just like a season that instead of lasting 3 months it lasts a whole year. Every game you play is taken into account for both rankings, only that for the season ranking the games you play expire when they are 90 days old, while for the overall ranking the games you play will not expire until they are 365 days old. Of course that in a season that lasts 91 one days the games won't expire until they are 91 days old and in a year that lasts 366 days the overall games won't expire until they are 366 days old.
Every time you see this ranking you are seeing all the games played during the last 365(6) days, and by the end of the year the players that managed to get and stay at the top of the ranking will be awarded with medals in their profiles, crowning the top player as the best of the year.

In the final of each year, the best players (according to overall ranking) will take place in a years play-offs exactly with the same structure and rules of season play-offs. The only diference is that it will be played with the top 16 players of overall ranking, despite of top 8 players at season play-offs.

Your account

When you log in you will be redirected to a an interface from where you will be able to validate your games, upload the games you played, edit your profile; and add comments, ratings and awards to other players' profiles

3.1- Your games

In this table you can validate the games you've played by choosing who you've played with, selecting how many rounds you won and how many rounds you lost in that game. If you made a mistake, select the false report from the "Games waiting to be validated by your opponent" box and click on "undo" before your opponents confirms the result. Please be careful when validating a game because if your opponent has the automatic validation option on you will not be able to correct your mistake and will have to ask a league administrator to delete the entry.
If you turned off the automatic validation option, the games reported against you will be shown in the "games you still have to validate" box. If you choose to have this option off, please validate all the games you play (won and lost) as soon as you finish playing.

3.2- Profile

To view your or other people's profile you can click on the "Players" icon of the left panel menu, entering an interface where you can choose to sort players by their country, clan or nickname. You can edit your profile by clicking on the "Your profile" tab after the log in screen and change your personal information, password, image and turn on or off the automatic games validation option.

a) Skill rates
These show the average values you've obtained from other people subjective judgment, showing what other people think about different aspects of your gameplay. To rate another player, go to the "Rankings, ratings" tab after the log in screen where you will be able to choose the player and the scores of each attribute.
Anybody is free to rate anybody else, just try to make your judgment as objective as possible and don't give someone else a score unless you really think you've played enough times against him to know what you are doing. Using this feature as a way of insulting other players (for example scoring with 1 someone who you know is a lot better than that) will not be tolerated.

b) Awards given by other players
The awards are small icons that players can give to other players and are a way of rewarding people for showing skills of different weapons. For example if your opponent performed a nice mexican flight during a match, feel free to reward him with a rope award. In order to give someone else an award, go to the "Rankings, ratings" tab after the login screen where you will be able to choose a player and select the icon you'd like to give him.

c) Tournament medals
The medals a player has earned in different tournaments (not necessarily NNN tournaments) and in this league will be stored here so that everybody can see those achievements.

d) Trainings and Missions
The Open Intermediate League offers offline challenges designed to help players develop skills that sooner or later will be useful during a normal match. The medals shown here are earned by completing missions, although the real reward for completing the missions is increasing your skills.

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