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19.   2024-Jun-13 14:54:44    Rafkaadminleagueright
And again,,, bunch of crap by Perdunok continues....ehhh
I don't play bo5 games in league cause it takes to long, I dont have mind to play bo5 games but in tourneys, PO's, etc... but not just in a league. Saying that, I'll think about an exception.
Also - if chuvash wont be able to play with me overall PO quarter final game, then we will meet there;]
And I dont agree that bo3 is like bo1, in my opinion it's much different, also dont agree with that who starts - wins, more often probably yes but thats far from a "rule" if I may say so.
18.   2024-Jun-13 14:23:33    Perdunokleague
I usually played with Rafka in bo 3, sometimes bo 1 (in TUS). Today I asked him for bo 5, I know that this player has enough time, since I see him very often in AG, but he refused. Like Athena and Ivan, I also like to play bo 5 (if there is time) and I also think that such a serious match should be bo 5 and 3 times on different days in order to exclude randomness. But Rafka and Chuvash are principled players, Rafka because he only plays during the day, and only bo 3, and also, if he does not know the nickname of the player, and the player plays well, then he always kicks and insults this player. Besides, when he was playing with me and the score was 1:1, he quit the game and said he would continue later, he needed to make sure I wasn't fake)) Then we finished playing with him in the evening, when I was very tired and he got on my nerves. By the way, I don't think that victory was fair. Chuvash is principled because he always chooses his own color, you have no right to play red if he wants to play red. In addition, the Chuvash always chooses the card that is convenient for him, As difficult as possible, which gives him an advantage with his pigeons, especially in caves. If Chuvash was playing with Athena, I would like them to take turns hosting, or someone else. PS: it's unlikely that we will ever see Rafka play with Athena, although maybe on CWT Rafka will have to play with her bo 5 (if they get caught by each other). By the way, yes, let me remind you that Athena won at CWT in her group, playing there for the first time, 9 rounds out of 10 - a fantastic result!
17.   2024-Jun-13 13:23:38    IIVANII166666league
The game of Raze (Athena) against Rafka in the context, sense and meaning in which the previous discussion was, in my opinion, implies not just a fan game. In the context of all events, this is an important game with the goal of determining who is the best player, Rafka or Athena) Therefore, such a serious game should eliminate luck as much as possible. Actually, by and large, it should be 3 games on different days and BO5. This is like the final of the best players in the league (if you don’t take into account Chuvash who is not active now). But also if the players cannot agree, this is also normal because no one owes anyone anything. This is personally how I see it... it would be interesting to watch this game, but I thought that Raze and Rafka (Athen) ( would not be able to agree.
16.   2024-Jun-13 12:36:57    rayzzleague
Today I asked Rafka to play a game for fun, but he doesn't play games for fun because it's too boring for him. ONL he only plays bo3. I don't really like playing bo3, because often bo3 turns into bo1. The player who went first in the first round wins... then the player who went first in the second round wins back and the score becomes 1:1. In my experience this happens quite often. That's why I prefer to play bo5 or even bo7. At long distances, victory depends more on the player's skill. So, apparently, we won’t play this time xD
15.   2024-Jun-12 15:18:09    Perdunokleague
I hope the Tanker will be unloaded at least on CWT. Although I think with him that 24 players will be recruited for a very long time, I no longer dream of 32.
14.   2024-Jun-12 08:01:06    Rafkaadminleagueright
We won't ban her.
About taner - It doesn't seems that Kilo will ever go fotr this ;d
13.   2024-Jun-11 22:12:41    PavelBright
Oh, little drama here. I hope you(Rafka) and Kilo won't block her profile. Now it`s not an affordable luxury to lose experienced players. And you guys could also think about an amnesty for taner.
12.   2024-Jun-9 14:58:23    IIVANII166666league
Wow) I would love to watch this game))icon_thumleft.gif
11.   2024-Jun-9 13:05:08    rayzzleague
Well, I don’t mind playing, but I need a rest, mentally I’m tired of the game. In about 10 days we will be able to play. Of course it must be bo5 or bo7. But I wouldn't want to be seen on AG as Afina. I also don’t want to be reinstated in the league. I have a different life now, different interests, I haven’t played WA for about 8 years. Let's just play for fun, why not? xD Let's play 3 games, for example.
10.   2024-Jun-9 10:53:22    Rafkaadminleagueright
I withdraw this sentence: "He or she IS NOT the strongest player in this league...". More fair will be: "He or she didn't prove yet that she's the best in this league".
To be honest, I would like to play with her and I would, if only she would solve this ban problem in propriet way, which is: talking to me and Kilo about reinstatement to the league... and who knows. Rather that, she again came as an allias, thats really unmatured.

PS. IVANI - about Eray and Psyko - You're right. Good point.
9.   2024-Jun-9 07:28:26    IIVANII166666league
It would really be interesting to watch Athena vs. Rafka and Athena vs. Chuvash... but as I understand it, unfortunately, we will not be able to see these games.
+ in her winning streak there were also such players as Eray and Psychology
8.   2024-Jun-8 21:11:56    Rafkaadminleagueright
Also - she or he , whatever, had a choice, could solve this problem proparly, not using another fake nick to play in this league, it's pathetic.... You're logical thinking Perdunok is lacking.... take another thought about this.
7.   2024-Jun-8 21:09:12    Rafkaadminleagueright
Not true, I play mostly with the strongest players that I can catch in the mornings and Im not avaoiding any1, as far as I know chuvash also not avoiding any1, so stop with those fairytales...
Afina didnt ask my not even once, so who is avoiding who? Did she ask chuvash at least once? Looks doubfull,.. and to be clear, he or she IS NOT the strongest player in this league....
6.   2024-Jun-8 20:54:24    Perdunokleague
Afina was banned, so she had no choice but to play under a different nickname. And everyone will remember her as the strongest player with a 100-win streak. And Rafka and Chuvash as avoiding players. You also often played with the weakest player in the league, Egor, but your winning streak is much smaller. She has a lot of games with Silaneo, and he is in good shape now, and he recently defeated you Rafka, she also played a lot with Ivan, Pansurman, Gufron and me.
5.   2024-Jun-8 18:59:56    Rafkaadminleagueright
That was 1 of 2 players I took into account that was U, U really though U fooled me? lol, not by a mile...
about 100 wins, nice but with not the best players, except IVANI, mostly playing with Egor dunno how many games just with him? Like 40-60 maybe more in all ONL seasons?
U didnt play with me or chuvash not even once, so... streak would probably broke fast and 100 would be just a dream.
4.   2024-Jun-7 20:57:51    IIVANII166666league
What a liar you are!) You told me that you do pull-ups on the horizontal bar 27 (or so) times...xD))
3.   2024-Jun-7 20:41:48    IIVANII166666league
2.   2024-Jun-7 18:50:33    Perdunokleague
I guessed that you were Athena by your good game and by the names of the worms. Congratulations on 100 consecutive wins in the ONL, no one will ever break this record. Amazing result! Surely there were matches among them when luck and the arrangement of hearts were not on your side, but you still won! And yes, let the Chuvash and Rafka nervously smoke on the sidelines))smoke.gif
1.   2024-Jun-7 14:58:47    rayzzleague
This is my hundredth victory and yes, I am Afina (I think many already understood this). Sorry, I couldn't resist))) Goodbye!

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