NNN now+future, donations!

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NNN now+future, donations!

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NNN now+future

Dear Wormers!

The evolution of NNN site has come to a next level. During the years, NNN has several storage places or domainname holder (remember kb.sinpiso.com?). Herein right now I would like to thank all those who were involved this (even some may never reads this): Libre, Joschi, CyberShadow, Khamski, Zemke, Ivo!
This means, this triniti was always around: I supply/maintenance the system, another person the domainname, and another the storage place.
But that used to be. Now I own the domain and the storage place.
And what does it mean for you actually?

please donate :)

because now I pay real money for renting these things, and it would be good to get something back. So please use the big yellow "donate" button a bit more often :)
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