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KinslayeR's profile

no photo

Real name: mateusz


Location: Over the hills and far away


Local time: -15


Age: 27


Birth: 1990/6/3


Clan: dP






ICQ: ?


Twitter/Facebook account:


Ocupation: shool, job, shool, job... builder, painter, student, wormer )


Interests: music (rock&metal), piano, guitar, sport, motorbikes, caves,mountains, more....


Playtime: Safely time is evening


Average time to wait his game confirmation: 0 day(s), 0:0:0

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Number of games played in overall season: 0 (0%),
Number of games played in this season: 0 (0%)
Number of wins in this season: 0, number of loses: 0
Number of wins in overall season: 0, number of loses: 0
Maximum number of games he ever had in overall rankings: 153
Average round time: 00:00
Average turn time: sec
% of caves played: N/A%
% of islands played: N/A%
% of cave rounds won: N/A%
% of island rounds won: N/A%
% of first turn in islands: N/A%
% of first turn in caves: N/A%
% of first turn in islands won: N/A%
% of first turn in caves won: N/A%

Games per hours in overall ranking (current season is highlighted with yellow color):

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2009/02/28 2v2 Intermediate gold (Ukrop)
27th Intermediate tournament(2009-09-06)






Good player. Well mannered
- Bytor

Lightsider in a core. Fast, bloodthursty and most of the times deadly. Also hates tactical playing.
- Khamski

Very dangerous player, especially in combination games
- Rafka

It is really nice to see Kinslayer started his normal carrer, cause he becomes better and better. Every match vs him is a real challange! A the moment Kin shows solid pro playing, but his potencial looks much better!
- Johnmir

Un rival que no es para los que subestiman a la gente! ------------------------------------------------------ A rival is not for those who underestimate the people!
- Funes

Kinslayer is a very good player, but his only lack is his fragile optimism. If he fails an apperantly important move, he says "gg", and maybe a few turns later he surrenders or says 'bye bye'. Change this attitude, and you will be one of the most dangerous wormers soon.
- Kayz

Nice photo :)
- Zolo-du

I like Kinslayer! I don't like to much offensive and lightsiders but he is cool! xD. He has great skills and always shows nice moves. We are both mods so you can say that we work together :D
- Antares

Olympic champion,what to say else?
- Viks

extrem strong player with problem in head low concentration
- FaD

Very strong and many-sided player. I bear in mind also other schemes. Than-that looks like me, for instance, aptitude to risk.
- DarK'X'LorD

nice photo kin :D .... you are a very good player, just must try keep concentrated and you will be the best !!!
- Chilitolindo

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Total used weapons, turns, damages in overall ranking:

Total turn time: 0 days, 00:00:00, average: 0:0 in total: 0 turns, average turns in a round: (with no retration)
Total damage dealed: 0, in 0 turns, average: 0, maximal damage caused: 0 in one turn.
Total round time: 0 days, 00:00:00 in 0 rounds, average: 00:00:00
Sudden death factor: 0%

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