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Kilobyte's profile

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Real name:


Location: Hungary


Local time: +1


Age: 33


Birth: 1985/7/11


Clan: NNN








Twitter/Facebook account:


Ocupation: dealing with this site




Playtime: nobody knows


Average time to wait his game confirmation: 0 day(s), 0:0:32

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Number of games played in overall season: 22 (4.02%),
Number of games played in this season: 4 (3.27%)
Number of wins in this season: 1, number of loses: 3
Number of wins in overall season: 5, number of loses: 17
Maximum number of games he ever had in overall rankings: 69
Average round time: 04:32
Average turn time: 22.26 sec
% of caves played: 26.086956521739%
% of islands played: 73.913043478261%
% of cave rounds won: N/A%
% of island rounds won: N/A%
% of first turn in islands: 64.705882352941%
% of first turn in caves: 183.33333333333%
% of first turn in islands won: 0%
% of first turn in caves won: 0%

Games per hours in overall ranking (current season is highlighted with yellow color):

Kilobyte's activity graphicon

Win/lose streak graphicon:

Kilobyte's streak graphicon


2009/02/28 2v2 Intermediate bronze (Koras)
2v2 Cup nº1 Bronze (Kil0schi)
BMC Season 18






Very good sportsmen. Fun to play with. His sometimes unexpected plays add an element of surprise and can ruin your plains.
- Bytor

A guy who saved this whole community! Already thinking about build monument for his honor :)
- Koras

The greatest guy ever met in whole net :)
- Maze

Remember this man from a very old time! There were times he played very well. But now (and we all must be pleased) he concentrated more on organizing our clan and league syte. He keeps it simple to use but more and more functional! Just a great work, friend, i think a few people would do such a conforatble syte as you did!
- Johnmir

Great guy, also my big respect to you for making this site. :) Always a pleasure to play worms with you.
- Kayz

I don't know much about his skills now, but he has better qualities ;) First of all he is saver of NNN comunity, he is funny, good friend and ... neighbour! xD
- Antares

nice to play games vs him. :) good friend
- Master

he bring me to onl thank you for that
- FaD

Did gigabytes of work.
- Zemke

cool person and best nervous player i ever met ^^ This nick- it fits like a glove
- Tomek

strong player)
- Podseka

I admire him for all the (great) work he is doing, coding this all. He swaps what he loves to do (play worms) for all this can be true. As long as NNN community remains for its own, I wish him all the success in managing and improving the system.
- Ivo

Some people dream of becoming the best wormers... others dream of making the best for the community. Kilo makes part of the second portion of people, and makes the first portion fulfill their dream.
- Domi

I don't know much about his skills, because we played only one game :( and in that game he played great :), also my big respect to you for making this site :)
- Hwoarang CS

Our saviour!
- TerRoR

Medals by turns:

Attack without damageMissed shoot
Friendly fireSelf kills
Tripple killKills 3 worms
Multi killKills 2 worms

Total used weapons, turns, damages in overall ranking:

select = 00061 rope = 00095 mine = 00004 bazooka = 00011 baseball = 00014 jetpack = 00018 dynamite = 00014 grenade = 00028 petrolbm = 00009 teleport = 00008 cow = 00019 firepnch = 00015 shotgun = 00233 axe = 00003 parachut = 00013 longbow = 00026 sheep = 00014 gravity = 00010 girder = 00009 bungee = 00010 firestrk = 00001 cluster = 00003 kamikaze = 00001 skipgo = 00001 dragball = 00006 hmissile = 00001 skunk = 00001 blwtorch = 00002 uzi = 00001 airstrke = 00001 

Total turn time: 0 days, 02:06:50, average: 4:31 in total: 303 turns, average turns in a round: 22.26 (with no retration)
Total damage dealed: 16931, in 257 turns, average: 65.879377431907, maximal damage caused: 253 in one turn.
Total round time: 0 days, 06:44:40 in 22 rounds, average: 00:14:27
Sudden death factor: 0%

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