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Real name: Pascal


Location: North Rhine-Westphalia


Local time: 1 12:03:22


Age: 33


Birth: 1989/7/11


Clan: NNN








Twitter/Facebook account:


Ocupation: Student


Interests: Geodesy, Astronomy, Physics, Math, Politics, Partying, Hanging out, Travelling, Complex Music, Games, Drums, Piano :D too many really


Playtime: It depends


Average time to wait his game confirmation: 0 day(s), 0:0:0


Last activity: Kayzadminright 2 - 1 EPI  replay(0) on 2022-Oct-30 17:39:06 (142 days ago)

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Number of games played in overall season: 14 (1.15%),
Number of games played in this season: 0 (0%)
Number of wins in this season: 0, number of loses: 0
Number of wins in overall season: 5, number of loses: 9
Maximum number of games he ever had in overall rankings: 411
Average round time: 04:07
Average turn time: 21.81 sec
% of caves played: 28.571428571429%
% of islands played: 71.428571428571%
% of cave rounds won: 25%
% of island rounds won: 80%
% of first turn in islands: 50%
% of first turn in caves: 25%
% of first turn in islands won: 10%
% of first turn in caves won: 25%

Games per hours in overall ranking (current season is highlighted with yellow color):

games grid

Win/lose streak graphicon:

Kayz's streak graphicon


2v2 Cup nº1 Gold (The Z Conspiracy)
BMC Season 10
CWT 2012 3rd
CWT Site
CWT 2014 3rd
CWT Site
CWT 2010 2nd
CWT Site
30th Intermediate tournament#2010-03-28
47th NNN Tournament

31st Intermediate Tournament 2010-02-05
45th Intermediate to
33rd Intermediate tournament 2010-08-01
40th Intermediate tournament 2010-02-27 Gold
46th NNN Tourney 1st
43rd Intermediate Tournament
35th Intermediate Tournament 2010-09-26
37th Intermediate Tournament 2010-11-28 Silver
32nd NNN Tourney 2nd
Season 21 3rd place
Overall ladder 2010
Season 6 3rd place
Season 10 3rd place
Season 12 1st place
Season 9 1st place
Season 15 1st place
Season 7 1st place
2012 overall gold
Season 8 2nd place
Season 5 2nd place
2020 Overall
Season 22 2nd place
2013 Overall Ladder
Season 20 2nd place
Season 17 2nd place
Season 18 2nd place
Season 16 2nd place
Season 14 2nd place
Season 13 2nd place
2011 2nd place
Season 11 2nd place
1st NNN Cup Silver
Playoffs Season 16 W
Playoffs Season 8
Playoffs Season 6
Overall PO 2018
BMC Season 7
BMC Season 9
BMC Season 14
BMC Season 15
Best move Season 13
Jetpack lvl 10






Definitely one of my greatest oppoenents in my whole worm career!
- Korasadminright

cool friend,and very good player
- zoky

Good friend and good wormer. A joy to play with. :)
- diablovt

Ace. He demostrates both high ranked skills and the rare quality to reverse the game outcome by great thinking and awesome moves.
- Khamski

Kayz been the most friendly player...very helpfull tanks a lot kayz
- binary

Kayz is one of my favorites and closest friends in the community. And this has less to do with the fact that he is one of the best, skilled and creative wormers. And more to do with his character.
- Antaresright

Outstanding player. He keeps a distance to the game and that's good. Playing with him is a continuous pleasure.
- Kano

guy with most agressive damaging style of playing.
- KBA3u

Creative, friendly, reasonable, intelligent and cool person. Possibly one of the greatest talents of this game. Fastthinking tactics and brilliant ideas are his trademark.
- DreamTrance

Very talented wormer, and friend
- TerRoRright

Active player with a proved potential! :D Always pleasure to talk and play with him! Okay, serious: a clever man both in worms and life things. Great player with his own worming style. And again, interesting person to talk to!
- Johnmirright

it was good decision to invite him back. Great person, great skilled. The 10 points for precision is not enough now. He is the best example of German precision!
- Kilobyteadminleagueright

Very fast thinking
- Viks

I like its skill of possession of the weapon! And very good light style. To play with you always great pleasure for me.
- DarK'X'LorD

First of all the beginning phrase again. You taught me so much and you're responsible for the level I had been at before I've become inactive, thanks. :> We were talking a lot about Worms and community stuff, unfortunately it lowered as I've become inactive. While I was typing some lines you seemed to stride up to the very top of the Worms world, that's where you belong to. Math rocks by the way. :b
- Zemkeadminright

The Lava Dragon, siarczysty ognisty skurwensyn. Also one of first mates i touch with my beautiful e-finger. I love you. Yes.
- lacoste

One of the best friends from wa. Kayz know well how to play intermediate. always give a verry good chalange and he is friendly guy:) we have to meet soon and drink some bottle of whiskey dude;)
- Tomekright

Cool Guy :) I remember many years ago you were an average guy to beat. Now you are a very top player. Congratulations buddy!! :D
- Felo

Atm he is fighting with Dario for the best Intermediate player title, so this says all about his skills and tactics. But the amazing is, he can do this with a spectacular and thrilling style of playing. He is, by far, the more creative player. But, more important than these, he is a very nice person and a good friend.
- Ivoadminright

I know Kayz as a friendly person and for me he is best german player. He is very well in buneerace.
- FaDright

One of the best players in wa and great friend.
- Jaggu

Uhh,very good player,now maybe the best in world,He fairplay and if can help you :)
- Zolo-du

Awesome guy, always a pleasure both to play and chat with, hopefully I will kick his ass someday xD
- kukumberadminright

Nice one my friend :D
- Jagoleague

Good guy, willing to teach his fellow NNN brother some tricks. Always enjoy our games.
- lovEvilutionright

precision, tactics, creativity over 9000...He is elect!
- BoolC

A spectacular wormer and asset to the community all-round
- MrTPenguin

one of the coolest guys here, both in the game and the chat. helped worms to survive by moderating CWT for years. long life for thou man
- Korydex

Medals by turns:

Attack without damageMissed shootWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replay
Friendly fireSelf killsWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replay
Tripple killKills 3 wormsWorms Armageddon replay
Multi killKills 2 wormsWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replayWorms Armageddon replay

Total used weapons, turns, damages in overall ranking:

select = 00039 rope = 00062 mine = 00006 parachut = 00017 dynamite = 00013 gravity = 00011 bazooka = 00004 axe = 00006 shotgun = 00102 baseball = 00011 jetpack = 00012 firestrk = 00001 girder = 00012 airstrke = 00002 teleport = 00009 cow = 00014 petrolbm = 00003 grenade = 00010 bungee = 00004 sheep = 00009 firepnch = 00002 uzi = 00003 drill = 00002 longbow = 00017 blwtorch = 00005 prod = 00001 dragball = 00003 skunk = 00003 kamikaze = 00003 cluster = 00002 hmissile = 00003 surender = 00001 

Total turn time: 0 days, 01:18:16, average: 04:07 in total: 191 turns, average turns in a round: 21.81 (with no retration)
Total damage dealed: 9222, in 136 turns, average: 67.808823529412, maximal damage caused: 200 in one turn.
Total round time: 0 days, 04:12:38 in 14 rounds, average: 00:13:18
Sudden death factor: 14.28%

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