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1.   Zolo-du
2018/dec/7 18:48:38
To nie był Twój dzień,ale ja to rozumiem też tak mam

2.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/25 10:28:57
it would be 2v1, you locked up and you would not do anything - but you won and the rest is theory

3.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/25 08:12:57
Nice game but Bhaal in the last round you could easily win, tele kill and 3v1 :)

4.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/23 20:25:33
..and start game  :)  ,  very relaxing game,thx mate.

5.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/21 18:24:45
"19:19: VIRUS> idiot, why did you call me? find yourself an equal opponent, not a noob  "  <br />
<br />
why say "idiot"??? - just say "I'm not playing"<br />

6.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/2 14:36:13
Rafka ,Chuvash very nice first move in secend round but last in third  ...that's how it happens sometimes I know it  

7.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/1 14:25:28
Nice game,girder game :) . Rafka you had the chance to win 2-0, but that's the way it happens

8.   Zolo-du
2018/oct/23 15:19:53
I could and should have won the first round

9.   Zolo-du
2018/oct/19 17:42:59
John, whenever you want only now you are the first, you can lose a lot.

10.   Zolo-du
2018/oct/15 14:33:09
Super game

11.   Zolo-du
2011/mar/27 17:48:11
Wow,in 1 round shot bazooky very,very good   and nice rope skill in 2 round

12.   Zolo-du
2011/jan/15 17:43:13
Gj Koras
I have always said, &quot; Koras have lucky&quot;    
last round,cows no kill and SD lol

13.   Zolo-du
2010/nov/1 19:40:48
Hmm Kyaz play good,so............ Fantomas better  :D and more lucky :P

14.   Zolo-du
2010/nov/1 07:10:13
He was sure of winning and disregard me :P

15.   Zolo-du
2010/oct/10 17:57:00
oo when and when he said?? hmm...

16.   Zolo-du
2010/jan/26 12:20:15
I see a small war hehe

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