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1.   Rafka
2018/jun/28 17:39:57

2.   Rafka
2018/jun/28 16:29:50
Besides of my unluckiest games I had....

3.   Rafka
2018/jun/17 21:24:43
Quite good player :) gg and gl!

4.   Rafka
2018/jun/12 10:04:09
Well done Tita, but I have to say - when it was 2-1 for Chuvash, that kami was very courageous and kind a lucky too, if it wouldnt wotk, it will be over. But it worked, so very good decision! At the same time very big mistake of Chuvash with that kami-pigeon. You lost at your own request.

5.   Rafka
2018/jun/7 13:26:21
Agree on that MrT. Even if it's totally easy triple-kill in first move, that BETTER player has, then he can or even should propose rh.

6.   Rafka
2018/jun/7 13:24:03
hehe, what an important detail

7.   Rafka
2018/jun/4 21:44:02
His EGO was CRUSHED in this game....

8.   Rafka
2018/jun/3 17:51:03
Watch out for this guy... he's good but at the same time he's a brat with big EGO that insulted me before we even started. He pissed me off from the beginning so I coudnt concentrate and didn't play as I use to play.<br />
Best advice - turn off the phone and dont talk with him.

9.   Rafka
2018/apr/17 19:21:44
KT owns the system :D Didn't see games, but results - well done mate! :)

10.   Rafka
2018/apr/2 11:30:55
PO game

11.   Rafka
2011/aug/9 06:02:14
haha, gj Fanto ;D

12.   Rafka
2011/jul/11 21:57:26
lol, stop biatching Yourself, cause now it seems that You're crying :] I can say whatever I want (except insulting) so dont cry no more, because of loss; nothing more to say.

13.   Rafka
2011/jul/8 12:59:05
btw why I was afraid to block Joschi in the end of 3rd...I dont get it (brain lag?)

14.   Rafka
2011/jul/8 12:58:07
I could win rather 3rd round than first, but terrible mistake in the words

15.   Rafka
2011/jul/7 21:38:53
Bullshit, I said it not in the game but in between, so stop doing this cause its sensless, I had right to pissed off when I saw all my worms downfloor in 1st round. At least in the last round I had better pos ! gg!

16.   Rafka
2010/feb/21 21:23:02
yes Koras, that was mistake of the game :]

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