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1.   Rafka
2019/apr/16 17:12:40
Season PO. Very tough and kind a equal fight, gg ;]

2.   Rafka
2019/mar/24 18:17:30
yes, overall PO.

3.   Rafka
2019/mar/3 13:07:26
Earlier season PO final!

Btw, 3rd round was crazy...

4.   Rafka
2018/dec/27 17:30:25
PO semifinals

5.   Rafka
2018/dec/8 16:54:11
PO game - quarter
(1 drop)

6.   Rafka
2018/nov/25 08:52:04
After tele kill would be 2vs1 :P With jp and rope still would got some chances... Anyway, after he opened the posision little bit of advantage was on my side.

7.   Rafka
2018/nov/21 19:03:58
Easy Virus,,,, I'm sure he doesn't "seduce" You, at least he doesn't ment to

8.   Rafka
2018/nov/19 20:05:41
Pathetic ending... I had easy win in 3rd round... :/ Anyway gg dude

9.   Rafka
2018/nov/15 20:14:51
Sorry, forgot that 2 rounds we played yesterday... Corrected!

10.   Rafka
2018/nov/15 13:45:06
Np friend :)

11.   Rafka
2018/nov/8 13:05:43
Drat and double drat

12.   Rafka
2018/nov/8 08:44:42
Well, I was hoping that after his kill will be sd and it would be in worms 2 vs1. That would be quite good ending for me. I didn't want to block him, propably because it would be 3vs2 and thats not good ending for me, cause he would defend himself and finish me with pigeons. In caves after sd this SW is very usefull and hard to do something about it when opponent defends good :) I'm not saying thats the best plan, just saying whats in my head :) Maybe U would play better in 3vs2 having Your own plan. Anyway - thx for Your comment though :)

13.   Rafka
2018/nov/3 22:20:53
Thx Zolo! Very close game... :)

14.   Rafka
2018/nov/1 17:14:42
Thx Zolo. Thats not my final word :D Keep your guard high chuvash!

15.   Rafka
2018/oct/1 09:09:03
Thank You mate! :)

16.   Rafka
2018/aug/31 11:59:37
PO final!

17.   Rafka
2018/aug/22 17:17:07
semi-finals PO game with 2 crashes

18.   Rafka
2018/aug/8 18:18:05
PO game

19.   Rafka
2018/aug/1 17:51:31
He's quite good, worth to play with Him guys ;) He's friendly too, which is important in my opinion :)

20.   Rafka
2018/jun/28 17:39:57

21.   Rafka
2018/jun/28 16:29:50
Besides of my unluckiest games I had....

22.   Rafka
2018/jun/17 21:24:43
Quite good player :) gg and gl!

23.   Rafka
2018/jun/12 10:04:09
Well done Tita, but I have to say - when it was 2-1 for Chuvash, that kami was very courageous and kind a lucky too, if it wouldnt wotk, it will be over. But it worked, so very good decision! At the same time very big mistake of Chuvash with that kami-pigeon. You lost at your own request.

24.   Rafka
2018/jun/7 13:26:21
Agree on that MrT. Even if it's totally easy triple-kill in first move, that BETTER player has, then he can or even should propose rh.

25.   Rafka
2018/jun/7 13:24:03
hehe, what an important detail

26.   Rafka
2018/jun/4 21:44:02
His EGO was CRUSHED in this game....

27.   Rafka
2018/jun/3 17:51:03
Watch out for this guy... he's good but at the same time he's a brat with big EGO that insulted me before we even started. He pissed me off from the beginning so I coudnt concentrate and didn't play as I use to play.<br />
Best advice - turn off the phone and dont talk with him.

28.   Rafka
2011/aug/9 06:02:14
haha, gj Fanto ;D

29.   Rafka
2011/jul/11 21:57:26
lol, stop biatching Yourself, cause now it seems that You're crying :] I can say whatever I want (except insulting) so dont cry no more, because of loss; nothing more to say.

30.   Rafka
2011/jul/8 12:59:05
btw why I was afraid to block Joschi in the end of 3rd...I dont get it (brain lag?)

31.   Rafka
2011/jul/8 12:58:07
I could win rather 3rd round than first, but terrible mistake in the words

32.   Rafka
2011/jul/7 21:38:53
Bullshit, I said it not in the game but in between, so stop doing this cause its sensless, I had right to pissed off when I saw all my worms downfloor in 1st round. At least in the last round I had better pos ! gg!

33.   Rafka
2010/feb/21 21:23:02
yes Koras, that was mistake of the game :]

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