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1.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/28 17:30:54
CWT warm-up!

2.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/26 20:19:31
Holding back pigeons in caves for SD is understandable, although obviously you gotta reach SD. I think regular cow-users who change to pigeons sometimes under-utilise them, due to not being mentally programmed for their application. In the case of this particular match, I didn't see opportunities for chuvash's pigeons in the island round, but in my experience, in such scenarios you should just use 'em. ("That 100 hp worm over there? Don't SG it, pigeon it.") And let's remember that master's second cow failed, so this wasn't a textbook case of cows-uber-pigeons.

3.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/26 20:08:45

4.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/25 20:46:29
When was the last time chuvash got whitewashed 3-0 in a competitive match? Even though he shot himself in the foot a few times in the island, master played like, err, a master.

One thing's for sure: the upcoming tita/master CWT game will be a blockbuster!

5.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/19 21:27:41
Hot from the Copacabana Beach   It was like watching a python fighting an alligator. The mine at the end of R4 was exciting and there was an amusingly perfect arrow early in R5. NB, chuvash is terrorizing the world with his pigeons at SD in caves

6.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/4 11:29:37
We wanted bo5 but there wasn't time. I'm not 100% sure this game was bo3 (although the maps suggest it was) so if it's a paused bo5 then this report should be deleted.

7.   MrTPenguin
2016/sep/29 17:39:09
Lovin' the plug

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