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1.   Kilobyte
2019/jan/1 18:07:29
right after the deadline....

2.   Kilobyte
2018/dec/20 22:34:26
Im so flattered.

3.   Kilobyte
2018/oct/27 09:36:05

4.   Kilobyte
2018/jun/6 18:34:31
hey, could you send me that replay so I could upload here?

5.   Kilobyte
2018/jun/3 20:20:34
looks like taner has withdrawal symptoms so he registered.
Whoever this is, not gonna stay for long.

6.   Kilobyte
2013/jun/5 17:54:54
lost replay? That game is not valid then. Get the replay

7.   Kilobyte
2013/jun/3 11:54:07
yes, sorry, fixed

8.   Kilobyte
2013/feb/18 23:14:16
how the heck could you two talk that much?

9.   Kilobyte
2012/may/12 14:33:01

10.   Kilobyte
2012/feb/4 00:31:57
why Joschi doesnt wear NNN?

11.   Kilobyte
2011/dec/8 18:38:06
general thing, @Kilobyte, what can we do to fix these video problems? I have rarely seen a video with correct timing.

nothing really, if users dont set correct times, we admins must do it instead

12.   Kilobyte
2011/oct/14 21:54:46
if I didnt see it, I couldnt belive it!

13.   Kilobyte
2011/oct/3 09:14:41
I poured my coffee one time during worms, if it makes you happy a little :)

14.   Kilobyte
2011/jul/15 23:22:06
my choice. Not the most spectacular, but it's the most complex, precise move.

15.   Kilobyte
2011/jun/18 11:22:24
finally, somebody who could made a accurate timing, and I didnt need to correct it.

16.   Kilobyte
2011/jun/13 12:33:49
nohow, you have to wait until its processed

17.   Kilobyte
2011/apr/18 15:38:07

18.   Kilobyte
2011/apr/11 01:01:03

Replays are hidden, but xylen finds the alternative solution!

19.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/29 01:41:45
oh nevermind, I thought it was an accepted solution :P

20.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/29 01:40:37
Blue worm was movable???

21.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/20 17:48:37
hehe, this is how I planned the getting away to the other island ^^
however, the ending isn't as I planned, anyway good job!

22.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/20 01:24:11
Kayz successfully solved this one, however not on the planed way. Doesn't matter, there were some "bugs" :P


23.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/16 18:44:04
of course

24.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/16 17:11:05
Now replays are hidden by default, dont worry, everybody can upload. As soon as I coded it, owner of challenge can decide to make it public.

25.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/16 10:55:52
Lacoste had more fine solutions. Sadly none of it is how I planned this challenge, still good, and a good example to plan challenges better and count with creativity. Unfortunately I can only give you maximum 10 and I afraid this challenge has lost its uniquelity

26.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/9 19:23:23
lol yea. Please check my forum post: giving points for each solutions!

27.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/7 22:39:22
EDIT: superweapons arent allowed! Only greenade, airstrike, grid, homing

28.   Kilobyte
2011/mar/7 22:36:14
oh nice solution! Well its not 100% how I planned it. Lets wait until the other finds other solution.

29.   Kilobyte
2011/feb/15 23:04:24
Kayz, could you download and upoad this replay in ZIP or RAR format? It dies the replayupdater :P

30.   Kilobyte
2010/may/3 01:16:18
at least this time he didn't laugh his opponent

31.   Kilobyte
2010/may/3 00:32:24
indeterminate gameplay. With more confident, it's going to be better.

32.   Kilobyte
2010/mar/2 23:58:10
why was I funny when I tried to "translate" russian letters into english?

33.   Kilobyte
2010/feb/12 13:13:02
hmmm then ok. Afterall, I youre right, you already won enoughSMILE9.GIF

34.   Kilobyte
2010/feb/10 23:52:47
thats good, but I feel sad about Koras....

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