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1.   Khamski
2016/nov/25 20:15:41
Pretty darn impressive.
First he puts Mablak against the wall.
Now he unleash pressure on chuvash.
WTF is going on here?

2.   Khamski
2016/nov/23 21:54:55
Wow... Mab had back against the wall there in the last round ending and made a perfect run across the whole damn map. vn.

3.   Khamski
2016/nov/23 21:39:37
Holy shite! vnt

4.   Khamski
2016/nov/2 09:58:29
lol... If Kayz be any more relaxed he would disintegrate.

5.   Khamski
2016/sep/29 17:58:55
As shameless as it can possibly be!

6.   Khamski
2016/sep/29 16:04:36
Good game.
Seems like tita bounced back from highly tactical chuvash game.
Was a bit unxpected to see tita planning his moves so fucking deeply.
But good exeprience before my clash vs FaD in tus inter cup:

7.   Khamski
2016/sep/28 18:39:49
I was watching Mablak playing FaD on one monitor and UFC Cyborg against some poor swedish girl on the other.
Both matches had one thing in common... Unstoppable mosters in action.

8.   Khamski
2016/sep/28 17:54:07
Awesome pixel perfect triple.

9.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 13:43:42
No, i can't plan everything.
But i saw the way to kill/severely damage 4 worms.
And as a result i killed 4 worms. Half of opponents team in one move.
Wasn't an obvious observation decision.

10.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 12:36:20
n fly
n try
n bate

11.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 12:13:12

12.   Khamski
2011/oct/2 07:54:16
Mablak was inactive for even longer period.
So i think that effect is different for different people.

Congrats Mab! :)

13.   Khamski
2011/jul/22 09:43:58
lolz.. i though i voted.
maybe it was your other move

14.   Khamski
2011/jul/9 11:47:35
o_O.  You are machine, mate. Uber knock. I like your JP too. It's sooo sexy accurate.

15.   Khamski
2011/jul/9 11:40:23
Uber kncokplop. But 2 mre gr8 stunts there. 1st is writing Joschi's worm name in chat.. " schichcicnckckckc"..
2nd your german chat at the end.. "icht nicht berzikht!" )))

16.   Khamski
2011/jul/9 11:21:12
Nery vice nade!

17.   Khamski
2011/jul/9 09:38:30
Ausum move, dude

18.   Khamski
2011/jan/30 19:16:18
Round 2 is just awesome

19.   Khamski
2010/dec/27 15:58:02
Tech. result. We didn't even start it. I had to go.

20.   Khamski
2010/aug/30 11:17:45
What do you mean by this comment?

21.   Khamski
2010/may/5 08:44:24
Yeah.. It's surprised me too. Was waiting for a lot of bs when started to watch replay (i ctrl+f'ed him during a game).

22.   Khamski
2010/may/3 18:41:23
I lost 1st round to Miguel exactly like that. Accidental surrender on my 1st turn. But seems like it was right. Cause everyone can do it if sittings are bad. I didn't see your replays. So its not your case. But i will probably take a round if my opponent will do it.

23.   Khamski
2010/mar/2 11:29:09
Good game. Thought we will fail misarably because of zero practice but somehow we gave a good fight. SD laughed in our face in the first. Kami could give us a draw in the second... but  i failed rope reconnect.

24.   Khamski
2009/sep/6 22:15:06
Well... Few good ideas of mine failed at the stage of executing.
Also i made awful sleepy retreat at the end ))
But still good games. Congrats to the winner!

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