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1.   Khamski
2016/nov/25 20:15:41
Pretty darn impressive.
First he puts Mablak against the wall.
Now he unleash pressure on chuvash.
WTF is going on here?

2.   Khamski
2016/nov/23 21:54:55
Wow... Mab had back against the wall there in the last round ending and made a perfect run across the whole damn map. vn.

3.   Khamski
2016/nov/23 21:39:37
Holy shite! vnt

4.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 13:43:42
No, i can't plan everything.
But i saw the way to kill/severely damage 4 worms.
And as a result i killed 4 worms. Half of opponents team in one move.
Wasn't an obvious observation decision.

5.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 12:36:20
n fly
n try
n bate

6.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 12:13:12

7.   Khamski
2011/oct/2 07:54:16
Mablak was inactive for even longer period.
So i think that effect is different for different people.

Congrats Mab! :)

8.   Khamski
2011/jul/22 09:43:58
lolz.. i though i voted.
maybe it was your other move

9.   Khamski
2011/jul/9 11:47:35
o_O.  You are machine, mate. Uber knock. I like your JP too. It's sooo sexy accurate.

10.   Khamski
2011/jul/9 11:40:23
Uber kncokplop. But 2 mre gr8 stunts there. 1st is writing Joschi's worm name in chat.. " schichcicnckckckc"..
2nd your german chat at the end.. "icht nicht berzikht!" )))

11.   Khamski
2011/jul/9 11:21:12
Nery vice nade!

12.   Khamski
2011/jul/9 09:38:30
Ausum move, dude

13.   Khamski
2011/jan/30 19:16:18
Round 2 is just awesome

14.   Khamski
2010/dec/27 15:58:02
Tech. result. We didn't even start it. I had to go.

15.   Khamski
2010/aug/30 11:17:45
What do you mean by this comment?

16.   Khamski
2010/may/5 08:44:24
Yeah.. It's surprised me too. Was waiting for a lot of bs when started to watch replay (i ctrl+f'ed him during a game).

17.   Khamski
2010/may/3 18:41:23
I lost 1st round to Miguel exactly like that. Accidental surrender on my 1st turn. But seems like it was right. Cause everyone can do it if sittings are bad. I didn't see your replays. So its not your case. But i will probably take a round if my opponent will do it.

18.   Khamski
2010/mar/2 11:29:09
Good game. Thought we will fail misarably because of zero practice but somehow we gave a good fight. SD laughed in our face in the first. Kami could give us a draw in the second... but  i failed rope reconnect.

19.   Khamski
2009/sep/6 22:15:06
Well... Few good ideas of mine failed at the stage of executing.
Also i made awful sleepy retreat at the end ))
But still good games. Congrats to the winner!

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