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1.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-18 11:24:28
Well done!

2.   Thousonleague
2020-Sep-18 11:01:37
We agreed playing again with -1 worm for him because of that 1st round

3.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-17 20:04:27
We agreed to play on an open map

4.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-17 20:00:43

5.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Sep-16 21:10:07
Ye, i know.

6.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-16 20:10:42
Don't play tired

7.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Sep-16 18:49:49
Worst game....... This match was played after the CWT game and we were both very tired.

8.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-14 20:33:12
We agreed to play in the caves

9.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-14 11:58:19
Gud game

10.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Sep-14 11:19:08
bl posisions in 1st round :/ sorry dude

11.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Sep-13 01:46:21
Cool match. 1 round - 2:05 pro knock. 3 round - 4:40 VERY LUCKY SKUNK.

12.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-11 19:53:51
Well done!

13.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Sep-10 16:31:24
2 round 6:53 - worst shot ever :)

14.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Sep-9 23:43:02
oops :)1 round bad sheep&mine...... bl position 2 round.

15.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-8 08:51:56

16.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-8 08:49:43
Round 1 I would have won if it wasn't for my stupid last move cussing.gif

17.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Sep-6 13:55:40
Albus - It's also as I believe depends on win ratio against that player.

Btw, Perdunok, dude it's not true, we can play, but be earlier online.

18.   Albusleague
2020-Sep-6 13:44:37
Hi Rafka! You would earn much more than 3 points if you had more wins against Perdunok. When Perdunok made the wrong report against you, I won a huge amount of points. The rank had other drastic changes, like Silaneo's position as well. But I believe that what I am talking about you already know.

19.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-6 13:20:17
Albus and I have played many times. I lake playing with different players.
But Rafka doesn't want to play with me smoke.gif

20.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Sep-6 12:55:42
U lost ONLY 3 points. I thought U gonna lose more. U should be happy kacsint.gif

21.   Albusleague
2020-Sep-6 12:53:06
With all due respect ... but this system does not encourage me to play with players like Perdunok (wich is good for him to get better and who are progressing very well). Before I played against him I was 52 points away from Rafka (second place). Now I'm 49 points. If I beat Perdunok I would win very few points. But because I lost, it was much more damaging to me. In other words ... it is not advantageous for me to play against Perdunok, although I like to play against him and this is good for him, since it is training for him and he has been progressing very well. I know I already talked about it on the forum, but I would like to repeat it.

22.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Sep-5 21:44:59
I can't watch replays of version 3.8

23.   Albusleague
2020-Sep-5 20:17:06
You guys saw the chat of the game? She mentioned ONL, asked my position in rank etc.

24.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Sep-5 18:09:28
She used to use capital letters, and as I know, she registered on the site a long time ago, and now she just doesn't remember her password.

25.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Sep-5 17:28:27
I wonder is that real paulina. Once she said to me that she isn't on ONL league. paulina - with small letters.

26.   Albusleague
2020-Sep-5 16:25:00
[2020-09-05 15.59.20] [Albus] BO3 ONL Igor = Uskas
[2020-09-05 15.59.22] [Igor] meu nick é Uskas

27.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Sep-5 13:37:14
Np. She doesn't like caves!

28.   Albusleague
2020-Sep-5 11:28:16
BO1 open map due to agreement.

[2020-09-05 11.01.45] [paulina] we can plau on open map?
[2020-09-05 11.01.49] [Albus] yes

29.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-5 11:14:14
Did not finish round 2

30.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-5 10:48:10
Only 1 = Aloha

31.   Albusleague
2020-Sep-5 09:45:19
only1 is Aloha.
[2020-09-05 09.26.31] [only1] name Aloha
[2020-09-05 09.27.28] [Albus] BO1 ONL

32.   Perdunokleague
2020-Sep-4 22:10:05
I had the same thing with him.

33.   Albusleague
2020-Sep-4 15:14:16
There is Aymen and AymenB. In chat during game he said he want to use AymenB.

34.   Albusleague
2020-Sep-4 02:59:42
We agreed to play ONL but apparently he quit in first round. I waited for a while at the AG and he didn't show up.

[2020-09-04 02.51.37] [Albus] hi
[2020-09-04 02.51.39] [Albus] ONL?
[2020-09-04 02.51.42] [SIBASA] hi
[2020-09-04 02.51.43] [SIBASA] go

35.   Thousonleague
2020-Sep-3 23:43:56
Tough games! Nice last shot man (3rd round)

36.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Sep-3 19:11:30
Thx ;)

Yea, thats very important.

37.   Silaneoleague
2020-Sep-3 17:10:32
Nice save in 3rd round.Remembering oponents equipment helps,have to learn that;p

38.   Perdunokleague
2020-Aug-31 17:58:09
Gud play

39.   Saintleague
2020-Aug-28 00:06:40
no,i just hate normal =)

40.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Aug-27 23:00:11
Emotional match

41.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Aug-27 21:26:27
many mistakes on both sides

42.   Perdunokleague
2020-Aug-27 20:29:57
He didn't play the second round

43.   Albusleague
2020-Aug-27 12:40:36
23'45 (second round) - this part of the game shows how the factor of SD starting on a random turn can prejudice you. I was pretty sure that the 15 minutes would end on my turn, and it actually ended, but SD only started on his turn.

44.   Albusleague
2020-Aug-25 15:24:01
2-0 and 3 replays because second game he surr by mistake and we rm.

45.   Perdunokleague
2020-Aug-25 10:35:57
Interestihg fight. I got a lot of damage from the cows! icon_eyes.gif

46.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Aug-25 08:59:58
Welcome back Koras ;)

47.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Aug-24 20:46:08
I didn't pay attention in 2nd round. Anyway - not that good, but not that bad either.

48.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Aug-24 16:02:52
2:1, good player?

49.   Perdunokleague
2020-Aug-24 08:44:13
A bad game for me, and i was tired faceplant.gif

50.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Aug-23 21:03:56
Not bad game

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