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1.   Fenrys
2017/oct/17 10:02:56
Second game with shitty position for Kano.

2.   tadeusz
2017/oct/15 11:47:46
Fenrys in form

3.   Fenrys
2017/oct/14 02:16:10
some cold games

4.   tita
2017/oct/9 10:55:36
remind me pls.  Thx

5.   Korydex
2017/sep/30 21:16:53
rofl, vgj man

6.   Fenrys
2017/sep/30 20:09:23
First round game with amaizing comeback and crazy winning-shot on last second. Third round have been disconect, and rh after.

7.   Fenrys
2017/sep/29 23:14:50

8.   Kilobyte
2017/sep/29 11:40:01
I wonder whos going to say "ah, a bad report"

9.   tadeusz
2017/jul/5 09:54:24
lales - a ze mna CHUJU nie chcesz grac.

10.   Kilobyte
2017/apr/29 10:36:27

11.   Koras
2017/apr/19 19:39:05
raortn in PO tree :)

12.   Kano
2017/apr/10 19:42:26
PO Game .

13.   tita
2017/jan/9 19:36:39
Playoff game.  

14.   Kano
2016/dec/31 12:56:00
BL Kilo . First and Secound round very interesing   Happy 2017

15.   Free
2016/dec/29 18:35:03
Pretty nice lightsided final round :D

16.   tita
2016/dec/21 20:07:01
Nice games, For me ofc  jajajajajaja

17.   tita
2016/dec/3 22:01:06

18.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/28 17:30:54
CWT warm-up!

19.   Mablak
2016/nov/27 01:07:58
Kayz bringing the hard truth! We must accept that some animals were born better than others.

20.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/26 20:19:31
Holding back pigeons in caves for SD is understandable, although obviously you gotta reach SD. I think regular cow-users who change to pigeons sometimes under-utilise them, due to not being mentally programmed for their application. In the case of this particular match, I didn't see opportunities for chuvash's pigeons in the island round, but in my experience, in such scenarios you should just use 'em. ("That 100 hp worm over there? Don't SG it, pigeon it.") And let's remember that master's second cow failed, so this wasn't a textbook case of cows-uber-pigeons.

21.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/26 20:08:45

22.   Kayz
2016/nov/26 17:29:30
0 pigeons in 3 rounds. You could've chosen mole as well there with the same effect.

23.   tita
2016/nov/26 16:35:18

24.   Master
2016/nov/26 16:32:47

25.   tita
2016/nov/26 16:00:08
3rd game 100% no focus. Friends around me 3rd , 4th, 5th game smoking weed.  The last bazooka in 3rd game wasn't my plan lol

26.   Free
2016/nov/26 13:11:18
Master is a monster nowadays, both in elite and intermediate.

I salute you for your efforts :)

27.   tita
2016/nov/26 11:36:19

28.   nickynick
2016/nov/25 22:50:56
Hahaha ikr? I won't watch this if you don't watch my game vs tita :D

29.   Mablak
2016/nov/25 22:42:18
Just don't watch this one folks... I was tired and made the mistake of asking for ONL ;O

30.   Kaleu
2016/nov/25 22:41:35

31.   nickynick
2016/nov/25 21:54:57
It's funny how absolutely everything has gone wrong in this match :)

32.   tita
2016/nov/25 21:23:26
   Master = 10 mistakes   chuvash = 32    master deserved the win!!

33.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/25 20:46:29
When was the last time chuvash got whitewashed 3-0 in a competitive match? Even though he shot himself in the foot a few times in the island, master played like, err, a master.

One thing's for sure: the upcoming tita/master CWT game will be a blockbuster!

34.   Kayz
2016/nov/25 20:15:49
4 pigeons waited useless in the weapon slot in this game. :) You'd be better off with cows there imo.

35.   Khamski
2016/nov/25 20:15:41
Pretty darn impressive.
First he puts Mablak against the wall.
Now he unleash pressure on chuvash.
WTF is going on here?

36.   chuvash
2016/nov/24 06:25:25
despite this move wasnt perfect and didnt kill the worm, that still was so damn beautiful!

37.   Khamski
2016/nov/23 21:54:55
Wow... Mab had back against the wall there in the last round ending and made a perfect run across the whole damn map. vn.

38.   Khamski
2016/nov/23 21:39:37
Holy shite! vnt

39.   Korydex
2016/nov/23 18:10:24

40.   Mablak
2016/nov/23 10:20:31
Round 1 at 2:29... the one that got away ;<

41.   MrTPenguin
2016/nov/19 21:27:41
Hot from the Copacabana Beach   It was like watching a python fighting an alligator. The mine at the end of R4 was exciting and there was an amusingly perfect arrow early in R5. NB, chuvash is terrorizing the world with his pigeons at SD in caves

42.   tita
2016/nov/19 18:04:43
well, I'm getting hot, last time the score was  2-2 and now 2-3.    No bad results.  

Nice games again!!!

43.   Korydex
2016/nov/17 06:53:38

44.   nickynick
2016/nov/16 22:42:48
The turn Kayz highlighted is pure gold, make sure to check it out :)

45.   tita
2016/nov/16 13:54:19
vlw gordinho  :)

46.   Kaleu
2016/nov/15 16:49:27
3rd game was kind of a comeback by Titahemp, nice games!  

47.   Korydex
2016/nov/11 18:04:06
Those were fun imo x] Btw nice comeback in round 2 man

48.   tita
2016/nov/11 16:55:38
Bad games, rlly

49.   tita
2016/nov/6 00:44:01
Last game 16:40   ENJOY.

50.   FaD
2016/nov/4 14:41:22
awful last round for kayz, gj free

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