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1.   Zolo-du
2018/oct/19 17:42:59
John, whenever you want only now you are the first, you can lose a lot.

2.   Johnmir
2018/oct/19 17:16:44
Kayz, i hope you didn't see you were on the first spot before this game :D

3.   Johnmir
2018/oct/19 17:15:48
Lol, what a bad luck with positions for Zolo! Cmon. Unlucky, mate, we will play a rematch!

4.   Johnmir
2018/oct/19 11:41:32
Lol, crazy game actually...

5.   Kayz
2018/oct/18 20:43:38
The last round is one of the most rage inducing ones I've ever played. :)

6.   Johnmir
2018/oct/17 14:20:39
Kayz, haha, cmon, i got 3-2 in the game and i can't find you for a rematch! Cmon, stop studing/working :D j/k ))

7.   Kayz
2018/oct/15 17:07:35
Ye could've been 3-0 for you or me. Thanks Zolo, but in fact both John and me weren't satisifed with the many mistakes we did. :D But still a nice warmup, indeed.

8.   Johnmir
2018/oct/15 16:14:01
Thank you!

And also thank you, Kayz, for a great training match before CWT! I found my weak sides which is really important for me, hope to become stronger in a near futrue!

Very close match btw, funny, Kayz, we made 100hp damange twice :D in a pretty important moments of rounds.

9.   Zolo-du
2018/oct/15 14:33:09
Super game

10.   Johnmir
2018/oct/12 18:17:28
Crazy game, was pretty hard to win it, got luck few times. Thank you Knight!

11.   Rafka
2018/oct/1 09:09:03
Thank You mate! :)

12.   Zemke
2018/oct/1 09:05:03
Well done, Rafka! Way to go for CWT. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif’]

13.   Rafka
2018/aug/31 11:59:37
PO final!

14.   Kano
2018/aug/26 10:21:34

15.   VoK
2018/aug/24 16:21:12
Po game!

16.   Rafka
2018/aug/22 17:17:07
semi-finals PO game with 2 crashes

17.   Rafka
2018/aug/8 18:18:05
PO game

18.   Rafka
2018/aug/1 17:51:31
He's quite good, worth to play with Him guys ;) He's friendly too, which is important in my opinion :)

19.   VoK
2018/jul/21 13:32:39
Po game!

20.   tita
2018/jul/2 18:49:34

21.   VoK
2018/jun/29 23:45:15
Pro drunken VoKhouston. gj Knight !

22.   Rafka
2018/jun/28 17:39:57

23.   VoK
2018/jun/28 17:00:11
PO game!

24.   Rafka
2018/jun/28 16:29:50
Besides of my unluckiest games I had....

25.   Rafka
2018/jun/17 21:24:43
Quite good player :) gg and gl!

26.   tita
2018/jun/12 10:17:30
thank you Rafka.  

truth man, Some mistakes can cost a whole game, CWT 2017 1st game my last turn costed my victory by 3-1, that little  fire.   Shits happen. .  IMO  ofc.

27.   Rafka
2018/jun/12 10:04:09
Well done Tita, but I have to say - when it was 2-1 for Chuvash, that kami was very courageous and kind a lucky too, if it wouldnt wotk, it will be over. But it worked, so very good decision! At the same time very big mistake of Chuvash with that kami-pigeon. You lost at your own request.

28.   VIRUS
2018/jun/10 14:30:25
I was a little drunk

29.   tita
2018/jun/9 16:43:07
Po  Final game.

30.   VIRUS
2018/jun/7 19:27:42
You play well, dude!

31.   Rafka
2018/jun/7 13:26:21
Agree on that MrT. Even if it's totally easy triple-kill in first move, that BETTER player has, then he can or even should propose rh.

32.   Rafka
2018/jun/7 13:24:03
hehe, what an important detail

33.   MrTPenguin
2018/jun/7 12:01:10
I support the idea of deliberately not killing more than three worms on the first turn, to avoid both an unfair start and the hassle of rehosting. If, however, more than three worms are killed by great skill and daring, then the successful player is morally entitlted to play on from there.

34.   MrTPenguin
2018/jun/7 11:58:10
For the record, the Adam in jeytanerjey's team is noot the man from the Garden of Eden, but Dr Abegod from Denmark.

35.   Kilobyte
2018/jun/6 18:34:31
hey, could you send me that replay so I could upload here?

36.   VIRUS
2018/jun/5 17:33:17
unfortunately I only downloaded the replay of the second round. first forgot; p

37.   Silaneo
2018/jun/5 17:20:41
-5 worms on first move  xD  thats the worst luck  ever! gj VIRUS:)

38.   Rafka
2018/jun/4 21:44:02
His EGO was CRUSHED in this game....

39.   Kilobyte
2018/jun/3 20:20:34
looks like taner has withdrawal symptoms so he registered.
Whoever this is, not gonna stay for long.

40.   Rafka
2018/jun/3 17:51:03
Watch out for this guy... he's good but at the same time he's a brat with big EGO that insulted me before we even started. He pissed me off from the beginning so I coudnt concentrate and didn't play as I use to play.<br />
Best advice - turn off the phone and dont talk with him.

41.   MrTPenguin
2018/may/18 19:04:32
graet comment, maet

42.   tita
2018/may/18 18:51:41

43.   Kano
2018/may/16 09:16:10

From 1:10 is that Rafka ? Kayz listen this

44.   tita
2018/apr/29 17:21:53
PO game

45.   tita
2018/apr/29 15:55:59
We played PO game already, i'm waiting  24 sux hours  to report  game.   PO  =  BO5  killo   )

46.   Kilobyte
2018/apr/29 00:11:28
so is this PO game?

47.   tita
2018/apr/28 23:01:14
CAVALO 1,2,3

48.   tita
2018/apr/28 17:04:56

49.   tita
2018/apr/28 16:36:44
last round was perfect, watching replay I can't  count   how many times me and vok failed.   LMAO!!!

50.   pavlepavle
2018/apr/26 19:06:06

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