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1.   Perdunokleague
2021-Sep-19 19:49:49
Ngannu noob and coward laughing7.gif

2.   FrancisNgannoyleague
2021-Sep-19 19:14:46
Perdunok Cheater

3.   Psykologileague
2021-Sep-17 18:54:59
yeah, gg mate!

4.   Perdunokleague
2021-Sep-17 17:35:03
A very intense game. 6 rounds.1 internet outage, 2 draws!

5.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Sep-15 17:37:46
gj :)

6.   Albusleague
2021-Sep-13 23:20:43
chester = matador

7.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Sep-13 21:54:26
Cmon Kilo, shity games happens to everyone, more often or very rare, but tehy happen. In general You're good player :)

8.   Albusleague
2021-Sep-13 21:53:03
Bad lucky there Perdu.

9.   Albusleague
2021-Sep-13 21:52:34
Yes. And for someone who rarely play kilo is very good.

10.   Perdunokleague
2021-Sep-13 21:52:13
And I did not expect a draw in the first round )

11.   Perdunokleague
2021-Sep-13 21:50:37
Very bad ending in round 4. Apparently, I was tired after the fight with Diego, but I couldn't miss the fight with Kilobyte, because he rarely plays. To be honest, I don't like such simple plop cards, in which there are few safe places.

12.   PavelBright
2021-Sep-13 21:35:13
Nonsense. You just rarely play.

13.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2021-Sep-13 21:16:07
the ending of the first round (which is 3rd here, because of a bug) proves that why I dont deserve to play with you pro guys :(
although Perdunok's honesty is priceless.
the further games aren't better either, painful to watch.

14.   Albusleague
2021-Sep-13 10:25:20

15.   Perdunokleague
2021-Sep-12 20:36:35

16.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Sep-12 17:11:04
gj ;)

17.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Sep-12 11:28:48
gj dude ;)

18.   Dieego98league
2021-Sep-12 02:07:16
Usually when people say bad luck, it's really bad judgement, or bad mechanical skills, etc, and not really ''luck''. The ending of the first round of this game seems like an actual bad LUCK scenario. djong deserved the win in that one.

19.   Psykologileague
2021-Sep-9 17:32:17
Very hard game.

20.   Albusleague
2021-Sep-8 23:23:19

21.   Perdunokleague
2021-Sep-5 20:15:13
Lupastic is a technical player, but he spends too many ropes, so that he does not have any transport left at the end.

22.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Sep-5 14:19:32
bl in 3rd round; to bad U didn't want to take more complex map; there's much less probability for 3 kill

23.   Albusleague
2021-Sep-5 11:06:43

24.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Sep-4 20:24:08
gj man :)

25.   EPIleague
2021-Sep-4 18:07:13
GJ :)

26.   Perdunokleague
2021-Aug-31 20:26:33
Good grenade from Ngannu at 19:15 in the second round and great strategy in the third!icon_thumright.gif

27.   Perdunokleague
2021-Aug-31 20:04:08
A good player, could kill 2 of my worms with a shotgun at the end

28.   Albusleague
2021-Aug-31 17:01:12
Yes man. Fraction of a second more would be enought for you to aim the shot correctly.

29.   Perdunokleague
2021-Aug-31 16:56:59
very unlucky at the end

30.   Albusleague
2021-Aug-30 20:13:39
Yes, Rafka. PO game.
Btw, last round was nice. In the SD turn, I should used cows, kill one, and get a hide.

31.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Aug-30 19:51:38
PO game I suppose ;)

32.   Siwyleague
2021-Aug-30 15:47:09
Thx Francis:]
Right, that was gg💪🏻

33.   FrancisNgannoyleague
2021-Aug-30 15:36:49
GJ Siwy !

34.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Aug-30 14:49:03
PO game, gg.

35.   Albusleague
2021-Aug-29 16:34:45
Dale djonga!

36.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Aug-29 09:00:05
gj djonga :)
As I see some of onl players getting stronger and stronger,,, that's good, keep it up guys ;)

37.   Perdunokleague
2021-Aug-28 17:50:33

38.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Aug-28 17:32:03
gj :)

39.   EPIleague
2021-Aug-28 17:24:40
Gj Lupa :)

40.   Perdunokleague
2021-Aug-28 16:30:50
Round 2 draw,
Round 3 internet disconnection, although Lupastik had the advantage

41.   Psykologileague
2021-Aug-25 18:28:43
Good games

42.   Leoricleague
2021-Aug-25 17:25:38
Lots of BL for Psykologi at the last round.

43.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Aug-25 17:25:32
gj ;)

44.   Albusleague
2021-Aug-24 18:15:25
Good job psyko!

45.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Aug-24 12:20:35
indeed Pavel :P

46.   PavelBright
2021-Aug-24 09:31:51
Skills in worms are like riding a bicycle - it is impossible to unlearn

47.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Aug-23 22:01:38
gj :)

48.   Dieego98league
2021-Aug-22 23:40:17
Tough games with one draw. Big oof at the end of the third one xD

49.   PavelBright
2021-Aug-22 19:12:29
Well done

50.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2021-Aug-22 14:09:28
not my game at all, fucked up 2 winning rounds...well, sometimes shit happens , gg!

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