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1.   tita
2018/feb/13 12:38:16
vok team

2.   tita
2018/feb/6 18:25:48
I droped in 5th game becuz Low energy in my house, so I said to tadeuz:   "you win, np".

3.   Siwy
2018/feb/3 21:25:28
po alko mi lepiej idzie niz po jebaniu w robocie, ale trafiles moment hehe pozdro mordo

4.   Siwy
2018/jan/31 14:46:09

5.   tita
2017/nov/26 11:18:42

6.   Siwy
2017/nov/9 18:31:45
Qual game cwt.

7.   Kano
2017/nov/5 10:13:17
Site normalnonoobs no work . Look history , no medal , no archiwum , i play 6 games maybe more in this season . On Site 10:11 NNN R.I.P

8.   tita
2017/nov/3 16:08:55
wasn't stupid kano, that was the true!!!  

9.   Kano
2017/nov/1 19:20:19
One moneth ban , and relax from stupid comment

10.   tita
2017/nov/1 19:07:57
Bo1 and shit is the same thing kano  

11.   Kano
2017/nov/1 14:49:08
Hohohoho Vojske etc choice bo1 today tita

12.   tita
2017/nov/1 13:41:10
HOHOHOHOH     bo1 tatic didn't work again kano.

13.   Fenrys
2017/oct/17 10:02:56
Second game with shitty position for Kano.

14.   tadeusz
2017/oct/15 11:47:46
Fenrys in form

15.   Fenrys
2017/oct/14 02:16:10
some cold games

16.   tita
2017/oct/9 10:55:36
remind me pls.  Thx

17.   Korydex
2017/sep/30 21:16:53
rofl, vgj man

18.   Fenrys
2017/sep/30 20:09:23
First round game with amaizing comeback and crazy winning-shot on last second. Third round have been disconect, and rh after.

19.   Fenrys
2017/sep/29 23:14:50

20.   Kilobyte
2017/sep/29 11:40:01
I wonder whos going to say "ah, a bad report"

21.   tadeusz
2017/jul/5 09:54:24
lales - a ze mna CHUJU nie chcesz grac.

22.   Kilobyte
2017/apr/29 10:36:27

23.   Koras
2017/apr/19 19:39:05
raortn in PO tree :)

24.   Kano
2017/apr/10 19:42:26
PO Game .

25.   Akt
2016/jan/27 19:11:38
i can't watch the play. Is file ok?

26.   Chilitolindo
2014/oct/11 00:43:21
xd, I'll try

27.   Koras
2014/oct/9 16:52:32
now Chuvash? or Master?:)
I think U have some chances, but U have to play best game in your worm carrer :)

28.   Tomek
2014/oct/8 10:08:25
"you don't hace correctly program to open this file" its not just a replay?

29.   Kayz
2014/apr/13 15:10:18
The "13:37" was not intentional :D

30.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 13:43:42
No, i can't plan everything.
But i saw the way to kill/severely damage 4 worms.
And as a result i killed 4 worms. Half of opponents team in one move.
Wasn't an obvious observation decision.

31.   Kayz
2014/apr/13 13:36:45

32.   Kayz
2014/apr/13 13:21:47
lol awesome, but this stucking at mine for 102 dmg was planned? xD

33.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 12:36:20
n fly
n try
n bate

34.   Hwoarang CS
2014/apr/13 12:33:31
Very, very nice move bravo bro

35.   Khamski
2014/apr/13 12:13:12

36.   Akt
2014/apr/13 06:57:56

37.   Hwoarang CS
2014/feb/19 15:27:30
This move is for medals :)

38.   Kayz
2014/feb/19 15:08:21
Well it was a good idea, but you failed the jump a lot of times, it only makes it special because you finally did it when the turn was almost over

39.   Hwoarang CS
2014/feb/19 10:50:22
Yes, in this move all skill presen, and you forgot rope and jp :)

40.   HenryCS
2014/feb/17 20:02:27
Exelent precision and creavity!  

41.   HenryCS
2014/feb/17 20:01:58

42.   Kayz
2014/feb/17 08:32:36
Missed a number :)

43.   Hwoarang CS
2014/feb/16 20:24:56
its not, you can see only 2 kill, watch video and tou will see.

44.   Kayz
2014/feb/16 20:19:05
It is already corrected..

45.   Hwoarang CS
2014/feb/16 20:04:44
This move is for Zoky :) my teacher :)

46.   Hwoarang CS
2014/feb/16 20:01:39
This move is for my win in this match!
But move is not complete shown in this video, pls correct it! TNX

47.   Kayz
2014/feb/8 23:38:09
Jetpack mine knock was obligatory for this move :D

48.   Akt
2014/jan/30 13:49:14

49.   Tade
2013/dec/24 17:45:23

50.   Tomek
2013/oct/28 15:44:41
Akt is should point it by cursos I'm sure that you wanted to just plop him between carrot and grave ;) you couldn't predict that worm will bounce from this pixel

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