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1.   Albusleague
2020-Jul-11 21:38:54
Yeah ... I saw the comment. Well... I made a lot of mistakes and he did too. I don't see it as luck.
Anyway... fun match! Cya! occasion14.gif

2.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Jul-11 21:33:05
Perdunok said: "Crvic played well here"

3.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Jul-11 21:31:40
Translation Perdunok's sentence: "In second round U had luck" :D

4.   Albusleague
2020-Jul-11 19:18:53

5.   Perdunokleague
2020-Jul-11 18:12:13
Во 2 раунде тебе повезло )

6.   SiDleague
2020-Jul-11 12:26:20
PO match

7.   Crvicleague
2020-Jul-11 09:50:51

8.   Perdunokleague
2020-Jul-11 09:17:09
Црвис тут сыграл хорошо.

9.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jul-10 23:20:26
WTF.... Did you eat steroids?

10.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Jul-10 13:08:57
Didn't see it but wow, gj Crvic! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

11.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jul-10 13:00:08
Well done

12.   SiDleague
2020-Jul-9 16:01:53

13.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jul-6 20:24:09
not yet!

14.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2020-Jul-6 20:08:20
I cant play it, "version error". Has a new WA update came out?

15.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jul-5 13:16:58
Ну мы сотню лет знакомы, она со мной в игре так не поступает.

16.   Perdunokleague
2020-Jul-5 12:42:56
Наверно Паулина сдалась как обычно? Никогда не видел, чтобы она играла до конца.

17.   MrTPenguinleague
2020-Jul-3 18:42:50

18.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jul-3 17:34:34
Another old warrior has returned :)

19.   Saintleague
2020-Jul-3 02:31:44
Legendary clutch aaaaaa

20.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jul-3 00:30:24
lol 1 round - 1 vs 6 and win

21.   Saintleague
2020-Jul-2 18:20:32
not bad game?Seriously?I'm not in shape now OMG xdd

22.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jul-2 18:08:51
Not bad game)

23.   Perdunokleague
2020-Jul-2 17:53:39
Победил Святого 2:0
+ по ошибке не выложенный ранее 1 раунд с Сибаса.

24.   Yungizleague
2020-Jun-30 20:18:16
Thanks for the game homie! :)

25.   Perdunokleague
2020-Jun-29 18:43:56
Только сейчас разобрался, как отправлять повторы.

26.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-29 15:38:33
The score is 2:0 but I only see 1 round of the game.

27.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Jun-28 13:13:24
Yes, he is, gg.

28.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-28 12:32:03
oneVSone good opponent!

29.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2020-Jun-23 19:49:01
those replayfiles cannot be played back, what version of WA were they made by?

30.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Jun-23 17:58:06
1 bad click destroyed second round. Anyway, U cant always win, Dario also lost sometimes :P
Besides that, Sil played very good here, gj mate!

31.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-23 15:49:12

32.   Crvicleague
2020-Jun-22 22:28:39
No, this is other match. Signor did not want to accept defeat. I want that our match 1:0 to be earsed.
I have replay when is 1:1, network drop in the last attack on him, and he claims that he had chanse, stupid.

33.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-22 22:22:27
You've finally done it.

34.   Siwyleague
2020-Jun-22 19:33:06
hehe thanks man! you was really good, i hope that you will be there too!

35.   Crvicleague
2020-Jun-22 19:26:39
Well done. Did not know that Im playing with 2 times runner up, congrats. Hope to see your games in september. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

36.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2020-Jun-21 11:15:41
ok, if you want, send me that replay, and I can replace with this.

37.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-20 20:20:42
Yes, this rule is relevant!

38.   Albusleague
2020-Jun-20 19:57:48
Kilobyte, the replays are wrong because in that time Crvic didn't know how to find replays files in game folder. When he told me that, I explained to him how to find the replays files and he learned. Now I think he can fix that with the correct replays files.

39.   Albusleague
2020-Jun-20 19:36:15
PavelB... I have a question.
In one of those matches, I think Crvic dropped connection. You and silaneo were spectates in the game.
After that you told me to rematch. So... that brings me one doubt, because in league rules, it says that:

"In case both players agree on a person who disconnected or there were some obvious facts (there was spectator of the game who didn’t disconnect) which point a disconnected player (for example, player "A" disconnected) - player "B" decides the result of the round (the round should be replayed, player "A" wins or Player "B" wins) and players continue the match (in case interrupted round wasn’t decisive)."

My question is if that rule above is still up to date, if it still valid?
I'm not asking that because I would like to report victory against Crvic. He deserved the victory. I'm asking that just to clarify and understand better the rulez of the league.

40.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2020-Jun-20 11:25:08
why I see "Pavel" in the replay?

41.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-19 23:05:10
Yes, he used this nickname, and he wanted to ask you to rename his nickname on the site, but I dissuaded him

42.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2020-Jun-19 22:54:21
"team17" is "lovEvilution"?

43.   Silaneoleague
2020-Jun-19 19:56:36
I put all the replays so Crvic You can see that the drops werent mine,I would know,thing like the last round happen sometimes

44.   Crvicleague
2020-Jun-18 16:52:17
Albus told me how to post replays, soo this replay that I posted is not valid, but I dont know how to undo and send real ones. On future games I will post all regular, sorry about that. Thank you guys. You are mine inspiration ack2.gif

45.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2020-Jun-18 16:47:26
Gj, Your persistence was rewarded ;)

46.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-18 16:41:55
Well done buddy, I wish you further victories.

47.   Crvicleague
2020-Jun-18 16:37:09
It was very hard to get frist win. I win over better player maybe and lost some matches with equal level players. Its interesting, I build my mental game for next opportunities

48.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-16 20:30:03
The skills of this player are growing, the main thing is not to give up and continue to develop despite your defeat

49.   Silaneoleague
2020-Jun-16 15:13:21
First match - one of my worst endings.Last match - one of my best technical matches

50.   PavelBleagueright
2020-Jun-15 22:02:51
you hurried, the game is not over, and also you forgot to add a replay of the round where you had a draw.

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