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1.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Dec-2 09:32:46
the game was bo3, but he quit

2.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Nov-27 13:54:22
fun match, there are some epic shots

3.   chuvashleague
2022-Nov-27 09:30:06
I still dont get what magic you was talking about? Your bow fail or that simple sg shots by me?

4.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-27 09:05:41
He's not pansur, I played with him and skills of both are on different level

5.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Nov-27 07:25:34
skill and luck is a killer combination, and chuvash has both definatelly

6.   Perdunokleague
2022-Nov-27 05:20:55
In the first round, the Chuvash talks to himself. Pansur = Chuvash. Kinslayer's kamikaze did not work in the first round, however, he could have just 50 hp there.

7.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-27 05:19:46
"this game is like poker, u can play good, u can ready ur opponent and do nothing wrong, but without luck u just loose." - I disagree;
it has few/several % luck involved indeed, but comparing it to poker is way to much;

Saying that I must say, chuv had some lucky rounds with me before. which was irritating
little bit of luck or lack of unluck always would be helpful ;P

8.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Nov-26 21:10:50
lol yes, more like deja vu, but "magic" always happen after lag I observed.. xd

Anyway this game is like poker, u can play good, u can ready ur opponent and do nothing wrong, but without luck u just loose. Things like 04:20 with bow second round happened to me already 3 times in row in onl, but when I tried make shot like this after game i "succesfull" 1 attempt on 20 !!
Anti - physic game, some things should be repaired in updates, but looks like it is getting just worse

9.   chuvashleague
2022-Nov-26 12:07:45
nice suspicions Kins :)
its like if I doing this lags, and while it lagging I practice turn in simulator xD

10.   Zemkeadminright
2022-Nov-25 21:08:09
8 to 3 ... not bad!

11.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-23 20:50:40
yea gj man ;p

12.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-23 18:54:21
wow, gj xD

13.   chuvashleague
2022-Nov-23 17:54:25
oh, right. wasnt pay attention when reported

14.   Silaneoleague
2022-Nov-22 19:12:07
Looks like wrong result here.The second round was draw

15.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-21 17:27:52

16.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-21 15:21:45
we finished game. Rafka Delete score 1:0.

17.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-21 14:09:01
gj, didn't expect that ;p

18.   Perdunokleague
2022-Nov-21 13:15:37
I got a little lucky in the 2nd round )

19.   Abegodleague
2022-Nov-20 11:10:44
I'm rusty too

20.   chuvashleague
2022-Nov-20 07:04:44
PO seasonal

21.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-20 06:03:14

22.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Nov-18 16:12:09
too rusty

23.   Lupasticleague
2022-Nov-17 19:31:22
we played this game 2 days ago (11.15.) I'm only reporting now cuz the site was down and then I realised 1 day later that I needed to delete the cookies in order to see that the site is back xd for me it kept showing that it's under maintenance.. strange. now the cookie deletion solved it

24.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-17 15:26:11

25.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-13 20:09:07
nice, gj

26.   Perdunokleague
2022-Nov-12 15:54:01
Fucking Epi again

27.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-12 15:32:18
Man, it does change the table, dont say I didnt help cause I told U Im gonna give ne new account, sorry I didnt, I forgot, but U didnt even asked about it... maybe U didnt see me on AG , nvm, thats not right...

28.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-12 12:05:13
yes that's true xD sorry i forgot about you xD i have to remember that 2pack of idiots are always together xD

29.   Lupasticleague
2022-Nov-12 11:47:18
fucking little EPI ) trying to be sneaky.. me and Perdunok will always uncover you! violent.gif

30.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-12 09:30:06
it's no secret that I made a mistake in the scheme, I wrote it in the chat xD but good good troll be viligant xD haha

31.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-12 09:23:26
Yeah true 1 round was intermediate, but Danelius didn't want repeat this round and agreed finish, in 2 round was onl and we finish game, if he agreed I don't see problem my troll perdii :)

32.   Perdunokleague
2022-Nov-12 08:20:19
This is not an ONL scheme

33.   StJimmyleague
2022-Nov-12 01:09:31
When i saw the notifications in Discord, i thought this wasnt legit. Checked and see that im wrong, apologies for thinking bad of u Still. And gj yo :D

34.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2022-Nov-11 23:52:54
you couldve asked me too. I will restore your old account, dont use it. Do you have discord? Look for me, I can set up another email for you

35.   Stillleague
2022-Nov-11 19:33:00
ok, I tried for a long time to restore my old profile, and even asked for help from rafka, but he could not help. So I created a new account, it's the end of the season and I don't think my matches will change the statistics in the league. You can delete my old profile or block it, I don't care. Also, players who defeated me will be able to re-publish games

36.   chuvashleague
2022-Nov-10 17:34:33
seasonal PO final

37.   Psykologileague
2022-Nov-9 19:26:40
I made too many mistakes in the crucial turns, it has become a trend since my game with Rafka. I think I should quit playing for a while. Anyway ggs

38.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Nov-9 19:21:19
Last move was not so bad mate ;d Anyway ye, maybe not ur best games, but still I was focued and did not do make mistakes so it went to result like that. Get some air and beer, tomorrow we continue

39.   Psykologileague
2022-Nov-9 19:17:17
Shittiest day of worms ever

40.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Nov-8 18:06:00
Kins, do you have a shortage of opponents? Don't worry, MIGHTY Pavel will be back soon

41.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Nov-8 18:00:09
it was just 1 round... but I dont play whole game at this time

42.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Nov-8 17:49:10
Good job, You did it even in ur "hard hours" , maybe time to change ur mind and start playing at evenings?

43.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Nov-8 17:31:01
So many mistakes by chuvash that I start to think , if that was real or maybe some allias. Anyway, well done Rafka, I am still waiting the day when chuvash will make at least 1 of those mistakes against me...

44.   Lupasticleague
2022-Nov-6 01:20:52
good job Sir Perdunok, and fucking EPI ) party-smiley-012.gif

45.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-5 21:46:56
Hehe, you will say goodbay to CWT soon xD

46.   Perdunokleague
2022-Nov-5 21:38:12
How stupid you are. Look at the statistics, not 9 times, but 7 and the total score for rounds is 36:25 in my favor. In addition, I do not give my best in ONL, I often play tired and at a late time. For me, the CWT tournament is more significant, in which you didn't even take part.

47.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-5 21:09:05
I won with you 9 times in a row :) you only the third time, so if you do it more times, maybe then speak up xD

48.   Perdunokleague
2022-Nov-5 21:06:41
How nice to beat Epi once again))

49.   Perdunokleague
2022-Nov-3 19:07:36

50.   EPIleague
2022-Nov-1 14:51:37
Tak miałem na myśli koniec 2 rundy. Gdyby nie jego kilka błędów szybko by to wygrał;d musicie zagrać jeszcze raz to będzie ciekawe

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