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1.   Vojske
2019/feb/3 20:04:13
Overall ending competition - PO game

2.   VoK
2019/jan/26 14:26:34

3.   Johnmir
2019/jan/7 18:33:46
I'm impressed by Silaneo's mine drops. Really cool, man!

4.   Kilobyte
2019/jan/1 18:07:29
right after the deadline....

5.   VoK
2019/jan/1 17:44:06
PO game !

6.   Johnmir
2018/dec/31 11:39:15
Happy New Year game :D

7.   Rafka
2018/dec/27 17:30:25
PO semifinals

8.   Kilobyte
2018/dec/20 22:34:26
Im so flattered.

9.   Koras
2018/dec/20 22:25:48
no crash in ONL

10.   WeeM4n
2018/dec/11 20:42:29
Delete and forget, please

11.   Rafka
2018/dec/8 16:54:11
PO game - quarter
(1 drop)

12.   tadeusz
2018/dec/7 19:45:37
mam wrazenie ze 1sza runde powinienem spokojnie wygrac. Zjebalem i tyle.

13.   Zolo-du
2018/dec/7 18:48:38
To nie był Twój dzień,ale ja to rozumiem też tak mam

14.   WeeM4n
2018/nov/25 21:49:00
Hey, Zolo-du, give me plz medal triple kill :)

15.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/25 10:28:57
it would be 2v1, you locked up and you would not do anything - but you won and the rest is theory

16.   Rafka
2018/nov/25 08:52:04
After tele kill would be 2vs1 :P With jp and rope still would got some chances... Anyway, after he opened the posision little bit of advantage was on my side.

17.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/25 08:12:57
Nice game but Bhaal in the last round you could easily win, tele kill and 3v1 :)

18.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/23 20:25:33
..and start game  :)  ,  very relaxing game,thx mate.

19.   WeeM4n
2018/nov/23 19:46:47
Ending of 2 last rounds was really fun)

20.   Rafka
2018/nov/21 19:03:58
Easy Virus,,,, I'm sure he doesn't "seduce" You, at least he doesn't ment to

21.   VIRUS
2018/nov/21 18:26:52
how the hell could I deny you? I will just delete my account so that you won't “seduce” me anymore

22.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/21 18:24:45
"19:19: VIRUS> idiot, why did you call me? find yourself an equal opponent, not a noob  "  <br />
<br />
why say "idiot"??? - just say "I'm not playing"<br />

23.   Sir-J
2018/nov/19 20:24:53
You could launch homing missile from where you were, and it would still reach me..

24.   Rafka
2018/nov/19 20:05:41
Pathetic ending... I had easy win in 3rd round... :/ Anyway gg dude

25.   WeeM4n
2018/nov/17 20:48:17
1st round funny draw.

26.   Knight Templar
2018/nov/17 19:19:15
If only i dont suck with rope so much, but still even if i led 2-1, dont think i would win :)

27.   Kayz
2018/nov/17 16:40:19
Should be 3-1 for you to be honest.

28.   Rafka
2018/nov/15 20:14:51
Sorry, forgot that 2 rounds we played yesterday... Corrected!

29.   Kayz
2018/nov/15 14:53:37
What is this replay? First round is a surrender, so there's just one round uploaded. How is this so hard really?

30.   Rafka
2018/nov/15 13:45:06
Np friend :)

31.   Johnmir
2018/nov/15 12:16:15
What a fairplay actually, Rafka, skipped after my loss of a turn cause of a life issure! Thank you, for that, Raf, respect your decision.

32.   WeeM4n
2018/nov/14 18:59:16
Very strange and funny games.

33.   WeeM4n
2018/nov/14 18:58:36
Yep, it's WA

34.   Kayz
2018/nov/13 21:47:20
Wow, Weem4n, look at the SD timer in the last round when you lost the turn. You poinged at 00:01! Hahaha! Incredible...

35.   Rafka
2018/nov/8 13:05:43
Drat and double drat

36.   Rafka
2018/nov/8 08:44:42
Well, I was hoping that after his kill will be sd and it would be in worms 2 vs1. That would be quite good ending for me. I didn't want to block him, propably because it would be 3vs2 and thats not good ending for me, cause he would defend himself and finish me with pigeons. In caves after sd this SW is very usefull and hard to do something about it when opponent defends good :) I'm not saying thats the best plan, just saying whats in my head :) Maybe U would play better in 3vs2 having Your own plan. Anyway - thx for Your comment though :)

37.   Kayz
2018/nov/7 23:29:59
I don't understand Abel's turn at 22.30 in the last round, Rafka. You just torched after chuvash teleported right into blocked position. If you blocked chuvash's other worm there (you had 3 girders at that point), he couldn't open with shotgun and kill your skunked worm? Then it's 3 connected vs 2 blocked worms in SD and much better. Interesting games :)

38.   WeeM4n
2018/nov/7 11:26:11
My sg in 2nd round just wtf :S

39.   Rafka
2018/nov/3 22:20:53
Thx Zolo! Very close game... :)

40.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/2 14:36:13
Rafka ,Chuvash very nice first move in secend round but last in third  ...that's how it happens sometimes I know it  

41.   Rafka
2018/nov/1 17:14:42
Thx Zolo. Thats not my final word :D Keep your guard high chuvash!

42.   Zolo-du
2018/nov/1 14:25:28
Nice game,girder game :) . Rafka you had the chance to win 2-0, but that's the way it happens

43.   Kilobyte
2018/oct/27 09:36:05

44.   Johnmir
2018/oct/23 23:01:08
Lol, pretty close! Gj, guys

45.   Senator
2018/oct/23 20:43:47
PO game

46.   Zolo-du
2018/oct/23 15:19:53
I could and should have won the first round

47.   Johnmir
2018/oct/22 22:24:58
Was a nice game, Zolo, thank you for the match! Well i messed it all up in the second round, pity you didn't win the 3rd!

48.   Knight Templar
2018/oct/21 17:07:07
PO game

49.   Zolo-du
2018/oct/19 17:42:59
John, whenever you want only now you are the first, you can lose a lot.

50.   Johnmir
2018/oct/19 17:16:44
Kayz, i hope you didn't see you were on the first spot before this game :D

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