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1.   Lupasticleague
2022-Jan-19 18:39:53
))) spasibo
indeed, every win is a "God" miracle for me :D

2.   Perdunokleague
2022-Jan-19 17:48:38
God job!

3.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-19 16:54:03
strong player

4.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-17 23:44:53

5.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-17 23:44:37
War of two alcoholics

6.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Jan-17 20:14:07
I wish I can loose at least 1 game at season just coz I played worse, not coz always some shit happens, magic blocks, magic sudden death, magic fire who burn u from 2 kms :) this is amazing finishes again in those games.. but what can I say, just another "normal" game for me. But of course I have respect for Pavel, he is good opponent!

7.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-16 23:16:49
too drunk shit

8.   Perdunokleague
2022-Jan-16 20:05:39
I don't believe that Chuvash could beat Silaneo, either he used cheats, or it was a contractual game, or another player played for Chuvash.

9.   Perdunokleague
2022-Jan-16 20:02:18

10.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Jan-16 14:56:22
had easy win in 3rd round, but I wanted to finish this to fast... lack of patience :/

11.   chuvashleague
2022-Jan-12 17:56:45
If someone telling you "you dont have chances 4vs1 in SD" - don't belive him! xD
Very nice petrol block by Senator and some SD luck made this happen in 3rd round

12.   Perdunokleague
2022-Jan-10 18:17:03
I think he could have won in the second round if he had risen from the right with the help of low gravity!

13.   Perdunokleague
2022-Jan-10 18:08:08
A good player, it's hard to beat him when he's sober!

14.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Jan-10 18:04:13

15.   Perdunokleague
2022-Jan-10 15:59:04
Pavel B beat! GJ!

16.   Perdunokleague
2022-Jan-9 14:35:32
I was annoyed because of the very slow internet.

17.   EPIleague
2022-Jan-9 11:58:53
yeah GJ !

18.   EPIleague
2022-Jan-8 20:43:06

19.   EPIleague
2022-Jan-8 18:29:22
keep it up Kins PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

20.   Masterleagueright
2022-Jan-7 16:13:43
I took damage x2.. didnt u see? Anyway i rly love Play Vs kins..rly funnysmiley-scared002.gif

21.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-6 22:14:54
only a master is capable of this! This is his super ability.

22.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2022-Jan-6 21:19:31

23.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-6 20:50:25

24.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-6 20:50:06

25.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Jan-6 20:26:48
Someone smart sayd, that max dmg for clusteer in this scheme is about 75 or smt, maybe it was even THE BIG ONE Dario in streaming finale mab vs tita, anyway 10:40 here we are, 80 fkn hp, no fd included. wtf.gif

26.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-5 19:00:28

27.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Jan-5 18:43:48
gj Leo :)

28.   Leoricleague
2022-Jan-5 18:29:49
It was an early surrender by Albus in 3rd round.

29.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-5 16:17:43
this guy is really killing me with his madness

30.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-5 11:35:57
I'm always relaxed when I'm drunk

31.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Jan-5 10:54:47
Relaxed but not drunk? or DRUNK too?icon_eyes.gif

32.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-5 09:25:08
Ye i know, I made a lot of tactical mistakes because I played relaxed

33.   chuvashleague
2022-Jan-5 08:17:08
You had a better chances to win it, but you gave a win to Pavel with that last 2 mistakes.
On Pavel's position, I wouldnt use homing missle in 3vs3 sutuation, if you have no good exact plan for invasion after and make a clinch fight with your 3 worms against 2x of your opponent. otherwise its just a wasting of your missle

34.   chuvashleague
2022-Jan-5 08:11:22
Hey Kins! There was no magic at all. Actually you wasnt blocked, you just couldnt go through, coz there still was a thin wall with a little hole in bottom of that wall, and you was shotgunned right in that hole instead of make a shot a bit higher.
At 35:10 you could do easy kami instead of shotgun run.
And missle - it wasnt bounce. Its just hit a land under the wave which you didnt noticed when the water rised. My advice: if you planning launch a missle, watch the land around your worm, before the next water rise and launching

35.   EPIleague
2022-Jan-4 21:01:25
This game was crazy. We made a thousand mistakes. You had a lot of luck at the end, if I had hit, I would have won, because I still had the line

36.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-4 20:57:40
I can explain. The God of the game loves me more than you

37.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Jan-4 20:34:00
I would be very glad, if someone teach me what actually happened in third decision game in the end. First I was blocked by some magic wall in 26:00 and then in the very end homing missle "bounce" from water or water work like land, dont know how to explain bonk.gif

38.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-4 20:33:50
Good Job

39.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-4 20:30:34

40.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-4 20:29:42

41.   Crespoleague
2022-Jan-4 20:24:10
10000 mistakes from either side created a hell of a battle between me and EPI. And in case you don't understand round 1, that was me misclicking the F12 and accidentally surrendering. >D

42.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Jan-4 16:16:29
oh my, vbl

43.   PavelBleagueright
2022-Jan-4 15:45:55
deception everywhere smoke.gif

44.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Jan-4 15:18:08
I am not complaining but we played maybe 10 games , and literally everygoddamn game he starting killing me 2-3 worms at start. Fom now on, I will only accept hosts via HB or WebSnoop, I dont trust private hosts anymore, since it is not happening only with Pavel but with most players here.
If we take 100 games I start round maybe in 5, it should be 50/50 not 5/100 am i right?
So once again, this is not crying post, I am only talking about facts, and these are easy to check if somoene not believe.

45.   KinslayeRleague
2022-Jan-3 15:09:44

46.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Jan-2 14:57:23
tech. win
Kory said he won't play

47.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Jan-2 14:53:40
Terror is unactive, when I asked him for a game some time ago, didnt answer at all. He said clearly that he's out from WA long time ago.

48.   Rafkaadminleagueright
2022-Jan-2 14:52:17
yes, he did

49.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2022-Jan-2 14:41:31
who made this decision? Tita said he wont play?

50.   Kilobyteadminleagueright
2022-Jan-2 14:41:25
who made this decision? Terror said he wont play?

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