80-normal one evening tournament #2

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80-normal one evening tournament #2

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The first tournament was quite a success, so Komito was willing to host a second tournament. The tournament will be hosted using TUS platform because it reaches a larger non-intermediate player base and Komito is a mod there. This time, the prize will be $20. As usual, the games will be streamed at Komito's channel.
This is the tournament link: https://www.tus-wa.com/tournaments/tournament-1114/
It will be a one-evening tournament, with sign ups starting on may 15th at 15:00 GMT and closing at 16:00 GMT, then we will play that same evening until the tournament is finished. The scheme worked out nicely so far, and there will be more tournaments of this scheme!.
For those who are not familiar with the scheme yet, you can find replays at the previous tournament and Komito's previous stream. There is also the scheme description and this video of an older version of the scheme
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Re: 80-normal one evening tournament #2

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I missed it, but I did watch it later. What can I say, great commentary from you and Komo and very well played by the partecipants. Nice work Korydex!
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