Play more funners and play better in the league?

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Play more funners and play better in the league?

Post by Albus »

Guys, I'm going to share something that I've been analyzing in me and maybe it can help others to think differently.

I had a habit of playing a lot of league. Whenever someone asked if I wanted to play league, and I was free, I accepted. Sometimes I just didn't want to play funners anymore, just league. Well, I thought about it and came to the following conclusion about the advantages of playing more funner (for me at least):

1) funners allow me to play more relaxed because I'm less worried about losing. Allows me to work more on creativity that can be useful in league games.

2) playing more funners and leagues only when I'm really in the mood and willing, allows (in theory) the league to reflect my best. When I played a lot of league, one more league game was like any other. It became something banal. So I decided to make the league moment more interesting.

So let's say that before I played 90% league games and 10% funner games. Now I will try to do the opposite.

I'm sharing my new perspective as it can be helpful to others.
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Re: Play more funners and play better in the league?

Post by Kilobyte »

I'm your man :) I play 90% funners and 10% league (or even less). Appart from it's totally relaxed, you will win more, because you can choose more "leisure" maps. And I win 98% of my funs (of course they are not always top players). Bytor once sad he beats every NNN - and when it comes to CWT, he loses to some guys he would never had. So indeed playing ONL games has "psychology warfare". Any reason? Thinking and planning before a movement is good, but overthinking causes you will stand in one place.
But on the other hand, if you only play fun games and not league, you will never improve.
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Re: Play more funners and play better in the league?

Post by Rudolf289 »

The general consensus seems to be that if you're online you HAVE to accept a league match, or you'll be labeled as an 'avoider' or a 'coward'. But sometimes we just don't feel like playing a serious match, or specific schemes (Intermediate, for example). This, by the way, led me to alias extensively back in the day and eventually made me quit playing TUS.

Sorry for off topic.
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