Hello to all

Make a post here if you wish to take part in the Open Intermediate League
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Hello to all

Post by Tuor »

1.im 40 years old
3.i never had a clan in worms armageddon
4.offline i was playing with friends 4 years and on wormnet i play about 6 years with short breaks
5.i prefer normal scheme then BnG
7.it is playing for fun at first place and second is practicing
9.jozef pekar on facebook(slovakia),jozefpekar@atlas.sk
10.rafka told me Tuor you can be in our league

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Re: Hello to all

Post by Kilobyte »

Hi, you are activated, start playing!! :)
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Re: Hello to all

Post by Rafka »

Hi there dude. Gl and hf! ;)

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