Competitive Worms Armageddon - Discord Server

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Competitive Worms Armageddon - Discord Server

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A bunch of us created a new Discord, "Competitive Worms Armageddon" with the main focus being a centralized place for everyone interested in participating, following, streaming, organizing, and everything else to do with all competitive events in Worms Armageddon.

It is not a replacement for each official individual league or website, so it does not handle moderation or reporting games etc. It's a place where we broadcast all news about competitive events so you don't need to visit if you don't like joining new servers, however we've setup reaction based role systems to make it easier for anyone to filter communication via specific schemes & leagues. This means you can ignore everything you want, and be notified of anything you want.

Right now we have some nice features for people who are interested in everything associated with competitive Worms Armageddon. Some people play more than one League, some play only one League, others like to just watch you guys be the best!

It is a work in progress we're hoping to evolve over time, a safe, friendly place for people to keep up to date with live streams and news, find people to chat and organize games with. A few of us plan on adding tutorials and guides via video clips and images as well over time. Official website & event owners/staff will be given permissions to run their own sections if they wish.

You can accept the invite here and read the welcome infromation that explains how the server works.
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Re: Competitive Worms Armageddon - Discord Server

Post by Zemke »

Are you guys still going? The invite is invalid.
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