ONL archive (up to 31.12.22)

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ONL archive (up to 31.12.22)

Post by StJimmy »

I've compiled almost ALL the ONL games I could find and download here.
- BIG shoutout to Deadcode for providing all the games from 19.05.09 till 09.01.14, his own archive is saved separately in this package
- Games till 19.05.09 and from start of 2014 were downloaded directly from ONL site
- games that had some kind of an errors or other various stuff is stored in 'errored replays and misc' folder
- note that there is not all ONL games till 19.05.09, perhaps due to glitch in site
- also, from start of 2014, all games with 'PO' comments in are left OUT of annual folders, they go to Playoff section of the archive
- PO games till start of 2014 are in the reg season annual folders due to massiveness and nomenclature of Deadcode's archive
- Please note that the games and info is provided 'as it is', so errors and file losses may occur. Feel free to let us know if you spotted any of them
- hf ... sp=sharing
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Re: ONL archive (up to 31.12.22)

Post by Kilobyte »

Very big like! I had no idea that somebody covers my back and Im not the only who took care of the site almost daily. Although we have museum, but yea some games are missing (they available on disk just not shown in museum) someday I will refill the missing ones. But how did Deadcode fish out those games? Did wormnet save them?
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